Each season, we offer a virtual program that taps into Nature’s consciousness and offers a guide for self-healing. These distance learning programs allow everyone, regardless of location, benefit directly from Grand Master Nan Lu’s wisdom and guidance for each new season.

Programs vary with a new twist on each depending on the seasonal message. Our upcoming Winter Soup Cleanse includes select Qigong movements, guided meditations, live conference calls with Grand Master Lu, and warming, seasonal soups to take off the Winter chill. Participants will have access to a private Facebook forum to share their unique experiences and questions.

Interested? Here’s what some participants in past seasonal cleanses had to say:

“Throughout the Creating Balance program, Grand Master Nan Lu gave clear steps and simple tools that helped me peel away layers of limiting beliefs. The longer program gave me the time to deeply shift. I am finally able to walk through my work day without the constant frustration and negative judgements—of myself and others. My relationships at home and at work are amazingly fun and easy. The Creating Balance program helped me see that every event in my life is here for a good reason, a helpful purpose, and at just the right moment!”

-Jenny Merdinger


“Each seasonal program includes all the elements to help me transition to a greater depth of understanding of Qi, health and my place in the Universe. The support of the staff and community of participants is remarkable. I look forward to the next time.”
-Esther Rudnick
“My participation in the Heart Harmony program kept me grounded and focused during a turbulent time in my life. In the past, during times like these, I was more vulnerable to new health problems; now, I look for the opportunities in these situations. During this year’s summer program, I reduced a lipoma, regrew eyebrows, said goodbye to plantar fasciitis, rekindled my creativity and lightened a few wrinkles. Through self-discovery, I realized ways I had been looking through the eyes of fear and how that may have affected my health. I learned how to change my view and look through the eyes of love instead. We are given tools and support that encourage profound change, self-discovery and renewed health. Each new program is a springboard from the next, pushing me to uncover and build a healthier me.”
-Tammy Bevan

Heart Harmony was such an incredibly transformative program. I have been participating in these seasonal programs for a year now. Each time, profound change happens on so many levels, from letting go of excess weight, stress management, to deepening my connection to Nature and the way it presents through us. In addition to learning about specific foods, herbs and Wu Ming Qigong movements for the season, I was able to let go of and transform strained relationships among family and within myself, through Master Lu’s guidance on Heart Harmony calls. This allowed true and lasting healing to take place. The physical practice is just the beginning. It is the doorway for deeper work within us to begin.

-Amber Suter



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Mark your calendars now for our popular Winter Soup Cleanse, which runs from January 17-31. Nurture your body with warming meals and support your Qi with Qigong postures created specifically by Grand Master Nan Lu.
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