Over a million people gathered in Times Square and other cities around the world to watch the ball drop, throw streamers and confetti and celebrate the coming of a new year. So what makes this time so special? It’s the promise of something better. It’s the feeling of being ready to shed the old energies of 2018 and welcome in all that 2019 has to offer. The same feeling is celebrated when a long-lost family is reunited or a newborn baby takes its first breath. The hope of something fresh, new and exciting is on the horizon and the energy is palpable. Can you feel the buzz?

This year, as we look forward with this fresh, new perspective, can you shed the old and allow the new to enter? In Grand Master Lu’s words, “You must let go in order to receive.” You cannot continue taking in more and more without letting go of what was there first.

In letting go of the old we make space for what is waiting for us in the present moment and the moments to come. If we hang on to what is comfortable or expected, we repeat the same patterns and life continues on as always. But if we can release what wasn’t working before, we begin to see ourselves in a fresh, new light. Then the doors that begin to open may lead you to discover an unending source of joy and happiness.


Join us in 2019! Check out our exciting new programs to put you back on the path toward health and happiness.

Qigong for Men’s Health

Over a 5 week period, instructors Tom and Carlton share an ancient system taught to them by Grand Master Nan Lu. Each has studied exclusively with Grand Master Lu for 20 plus years. Class Dates: January 10, 17,24,31, February 7 at 6:30 p.m. Register!


7-Day Winter Soup Cleanse

Grand Master Nan Lu teaches you how to prepare for energy shifts during a 7-Day Virtual program. Program includes live conference calls with Grand Master Nan Lu, Qigong practices, healthy eating plan and recipes, massage techniques and cooking lessons. Program starts January 13. Register!

Dragon’s Way Qigong®

Get yourself back into balance with Dragon’s Way Qigong. NYC classes start January 28. Register or find an instructor in your area today!

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