Healthy Liver, Healthy Life

7-Day Qigong Intensive

When nature shifts from winter to spring, there is a sense of excitement, newness and refreshment in the air. We’ve figured out how to take this feeling and turn it inward to refresh the body, allowing the accumulation of winter’s stagnations to be released. Our focus will be on enhancing the flow of your Liver energy.  The Liver has a central role in maintaining balance in everyday life, especially your emotional life.

You can join this intensive no matter where you live⏤it’s virtual!

Our program will:

  • Guide toxins out of the body
  • Relax the mind and increase mental clarity
  • Calm the emotions
  • Help you eat and sleep better
  • Strengthen your energy level

Why focus on Qigong practices?

Qigong is a powerful practice that works on the energetic body.  You will learn a collection of Qigong movements to practice daily that will guide energy throughout your body. This practice helps the body reach a state of balance.

Who will guide me?

Grand Master Nan Lu will kick-off the week with a live conference call to encourage you to move beyond your current level of health. In online video, you will be taught specific Qigong movements and receive daily video messages that will keep you inspired throughout the week. Grand Master Lu will end the program with an additional conference call to offer guidance on how to move forward.

What will I eat?

We will guide you in how to eat and offer a complete list of foods and easy-to-make recipes to enhance your Liver function. These foods have been selected for their healing essence to allow your body to deeply rest.

What if I don’t cook?

Cooking is one of the best forms of self-nurturing. Many people report that a major benefit of our program is a new-found ability to cook! If cooking is simply not your thing, eating out and ordering in is fine too.

What’s a daily challenge?

The Liver is responsible for flow—in your life, in your body, with your emotions. You will be given a daily challenge to help you see how your patterns feed unwanted emotions.

Why an herbal supplement?

The body continually communicates with nature. By using a specific supplement during this program, your body can tap into nature’s healing essence. If you’re feeling sluggish, we highly suggest taking two herbal formulas. That decision is up to you.

Do I have to join the private Facebook forum?

No, however, most do and enjoy sharing in the community. Our staff can help you gain access.

When will I get the program materials?

You will have exclusive access to all materials online. Access will be emailed 24 hours prior to the start of the program.

Here’s what you’ll get in a nutshell:

  • Two live calls with Grand Master Lu ( April 2, and April 9)
  • Private access to web pages that include:
    • Virtual Qigong lessons with Grand Master Lu
    • Daily video inspirations from Grand Master Lu
    • Links to our 7-day custom eating plan and recipes
  • Community of like-minded, consciously aware people
  • Herbal supplement support
  • Access to a private Facebook forum

Program Timeline

  • When you register, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Three days prior to the program’s start, you’ll receive a suggested shopping list.
  • One day before, you’ll receive a link to a secure, password-protected webpage. This gives you access to Grand Master Lu’s daily Qigong practice and inspirational messages.



Program Fee: $99.00

Herbal Supplements: $60.00 (optional)

Green Dragon to promote healthy Liver function and Qi and Blood for enhanced immune support. Both are optional, but highly suggested, especially if life has been stressful.

To ensure timely delivery of herbs, register by March 26. 

Registration closes April 1.

We had incredible feedback from our 7-Day Soup Cleanse and others like it. Here’s what folks have shared:

"I’m going to keep doing the Qigong movements and reflect on the daily inspirations until the next program. My desire is to keep rolling forward and ride the wave of change!"
Don S.
“Master Lu, you touch my heart and soul.  Your words of inspiration helped me release may years of self-doubt.  Thank you.”
Debra T.
“Thanks to all who so generously developed this program.  Every angle was thought of.  For me the eating plan was a challenge because I have no time to cook, but it taught me how to order the right foods and live fresh!”
Andrea T.
“A rich program, beyond what I anticipated. This was my first time doing Qigong and I’m hooked.”
Mark M.
“Master Lu’s guidance made me feel as if I had a trusted friend with me everyday, guiding me to see the beauty within. I’m feeling lighter, and peaceful.”
Barbara S.
“I’ve always wanted to study Qigong but live in an area where there are no teachers. Master Lu I feel like you are my teacher and have shown me what to do. Qigong exercises give me the energy push I’ve needed.”
“Go for it anyone who wants to experience change! It happens without you even knowing why or when.”
“This is my fourth cleanse with Master Lu and each one touches me differently. I feel as if I’m more in touch with my feelings and am learning how to listen to the body and not my fears.”
“One week of cooking and qigong was like a vacation in a health resort. I love the foods and never thought I could make them. I did eat out a few times but was able to use the guidelines to choose my meals. This is an excellent way to live!”