“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu

Distance Learning

Shamini Jain: You are a Powerful Healer!

Dr. Shamini Jain explores what the placebo response shows us about our hidden healing ability. Dr. Jain is the founder of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) – a collaborative accelerator that brings together diverse perspectives to forward the science and education of healing.

andy rosenfarb

Dr. Andy Rosenfarb: Healing Your Eyes with Chinese Medicine

In this discussion, Dr. Rosenfarb touches on how to prevent and heal chronic eye problems from with a holistic, functional approach to eye care that embraces Chinese Medicine Healing principles.

Qigong Series with Grand Master Nan Lu

Qigong Part I: Your Most Powerful Self Healing Practice

Qigong is quickly becoming a popular practice in Western society. Learn what is meant by the root of Qigong practice, why Qigong is so powerful, what Qigong practice can do for you and how to begin your Qigong journey.

Qigong Part II: Finding The Right Teacher

Grand Master Nan Lu will discuss what quality Qigong practice means, how to achieve a quality practice, and how to find a teacher in your area that can support you on this powerful journey.

Lillian Bridges: Journey Back to Your Original Face

Lillian is the world’s leading authority on Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis.  In this talk, she reveals what the face shows about one’s true nature.

Dr. Christine Page: Trust Yourself: Finding Your Way to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

In this talk Dr. Page guides people to embody their strengths, face their challenges and ultimately express their soul’s full potential.

Dr. Stephen Cowan: Saying Yes to Stress

Children have a natural ability to accept change, to say Yes to stress. In this webinar, pediatrician and Chinese Medicine expert Dr. Stephen Cowan will show you how children’s responses to developmental challenges become gateways to self-discovery for them—and us.

Grand Master Nan Lu: Quantum Liver Healing

In his unique style, Grand Master Nan Lu shares how to reduce and eliminate many of the health issues that concern us. From the top down, he views healing as a multidimensional process that requires a partnership with the body and mind to ultimately recognize spirits purpose. He will offer practical techniques to help you reach quantum Liver healing.

Menas Kafatos : The Quantum Field and Everyday Life

Quantum physicist, cosmologist, climate-change researcher and co-author with Deepak Chopra of You Are the Universe, Dr. Kafatos unpacks how the quantum field and everyday life are one.

Dr. Stephen Cowan: What is a Healthy Teen

For over 30 years, Dr. Stephen Cowan has been helping young people traverse the difficulties they face in their teens. In this discussion, he will give some insights on how to be healthy and balanced during this exciting and transitional time.