Loving parents and caretakers have the best interests of their children at heart. They choose healthy foods to pack in lunchboxes, listen intently when the child shares his inner fears or worries, block inappropriate websites or television shows and read stories at bedtime so the child goes to sleep feeling loved. All caring parents make their children a priority, even when they cannot physically be present due to work or other circumstances.

But although we filter out what goes into our children’s bodies and minds, we sometimes lose sight of our own words and actions.

Children learn from those around them. They learn to love and to hate. They learn to welcome and to fear. Our words become their inner voices. Our actions become their guiding principles.

So the next time you are speaking with your child, glance at yourself in the mirror. What do your facial expressions truly say? What does your body language truly mean? Remember, there is much more to a conversation than spoken words. Choose your words and actions carefully. Soften your smile. And remember to speak kindly of yourself. If your inner voice is loving and peaceful, chances are, your children will repeat those same words to themselves.

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Raising children is a beautiful and wondrous journey, but the old adage is true: it takes a village. Read more about the TCM perspective on children and parenting.

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