Running on fumes. Have you ever been there?

Many of us have pushed ourselves past the point of exhaustion at one point in our lives. Afterward, our bodies felt weak and our thoughts were jumbled. Regardless of how well we ate that day, and even the day before, we ran through our bank of precious Qi. It might have taken a few nights of good rest afterward to catch up. Moments like these help us to realize the necessity of sleep.

Let’s look at it from the opposite perspective. Think back to a time when you got a full 8-9 hours of sleep for a few days straight. How did you feel?  More than likely, your thoughts flowed fluidly, your body felt strong, and your skin looked beautiful.

Nature gives us great examples of the importance of sleep. From birds who “shut off” half of their brains and sleep while flying to the animals that sleep in 2-hour intervals to ensure safety from predators in the wild. These animals innately know they need sleep, and have acclimated themselves to develop sleeping patterns that continue the health and safety of their species.

The best form of healing is sleep. Sleeping is a gift we inherit in our genetic code. Everyone knows how to sleep, but unfortunately people have a hard time getting quality sleep. Without quality sleep, it’s very difficult to boost your immune system and allow your body to heal itself. Babies know how to sleep in order to grow. But as we get older, we add too much noise into the body. This noise—its frequency and the emotions behind it—create a situation where the inside of our bodies aren’t peaceful.

Each emotion has a different frequency. When the body is balanced, it plays a beautiful symphony. But when everything is out of whack, each organ plays its own sound. Instead of a harmonious symphony, your organs create noise. Imagine you are living in an apartment building with noisy neighbors. It’s hard to sleep when there is a racket surrounding you. The goal is to slowly release this noise and any unnecessary emotions to prepare our bodies for healing.

Tips to Rest, Renew and Restore:

1. Spirit Gate Breathing:

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Focus your breath on your navel. Gently and deeply breathe in, pulling in from your navel. Then gently breathe out, pushing out from your navel. Repeat, holding each inhalation and exhalation for a count of 5.

2. Eat Light:

Keep your dinner on the lighter side, and be sure to eat warm foods that are easy to digest. If your digestive system is uncomfortable, you may have a difficult time getting to sleep. Visit our recipe section for some ideas!

3. Hot Bath:

Before you hop into bed, take a hot bath. Play some soothing music to fully relax you.

4. Acupressure:

Massage Large Intestine 4, or Energy Gate #1. This powerful acupuncture point is used to address just about any issue of the head, mouth and upper body, including wrinkles, sinus issues, acne and headaches. It also helps to calm the jitters, so you can wind down after a taxing day. Energy Gate #1 is located where the index finger bone forms a “V” with the thumb bone. Massage this point with your opposite thumb to allow a maximum amount of Qi to flow through the meridians.

5. Lighten Your Load

Put yourself first. As Grand Master Nan Lu says, “If it’s not important, don’t do it.” Save your Qi for your own healing.


Inner peace is what natural healing looks like. When you’re at peace, your Qi flows, your Spirit is content and you can rest easily. When your Spirit is peaceful, your entire internal environment is balanced. Health is the byproduct of a healthy, harmonious body.

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