Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Is your go-to solution popping aspirin or ibuprofen for relief?

Do you dread the headaches that come with stress, worry, or as part of your menstrual cycle, or after you eat? According to TCM, there are many different causes of frequent headaches. Imbalances and or deficiencies in the body’s five major organ systems are their true source.

In TCM, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment approach. In fact, if one or more of the six meridians that run through your head suffer from energy or Qi stagnation, TCM understands that there are 720 different combinations that can produce headaches! Your headache is unique to you. Identifying which organ(s) are out of balance and treating the root cause is the goal.

It’s true, painkillers may temporarily relieve some headaches, but they can mask more serious issues that can emerge later. Headaches are a big wake-up call from the body, so to help prevent future problems, please pay attention to the signs your body sends you!

Some basic headache facts:

1) Location, location, location! Generally speaking, pinpointing your headache’s location can clue your practitioner in to which meridians or organs are affected. For example, a headache on the sides of your head or eyes can be related to Gallbladder function, since this is where the Gallbladder meridians run. The Gallbladder and its partner organ, the Liver, are highly sensitive to stress, so one-sided headaches often indicate stress is the real culprit. Headaches on the top of your head relate to the Liver and Kidney; headaches in the front of your forehead can indicate that your Stomach function is out of balance.

2) Headaches that occur as part of PMS are also related to Liver function, which is responsible for flow—both of blood and emotions. Directly or indirectly, the Liver is the most important organ for women’s health.

3) Headaches that occur after eating, especially in the front of the forehead, generally indicate that you are suffering from a Stomach Qi deficiency. Your Stomach is lacking the Qi or energy to digest food properly.

Quick TCM Tip for Headaches: Acupressure can help relieve Qi stagnation and heal headaches effectively. Next time you’re battling a headache, why not use a natural way to alleviate this pain…for free! Try Energy Gate No. 1, one of the powerful Four Energy Gates, a special healing protocol developed by Nan Lu, OMD.

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