On Halloween, a day of tricks and treats, we watch kids run from house to house collecting goodies until their sacks are full. With a sugar-high and excitement galore, they head home after dark to sort their loot. Most of our kids receive treats when they knock on doors. You don’t see too many houses with trickery or witchcraft, even though that’s how the day might’ve earned its name.

Some believe Halloween was originally a pagan celebration to mark the end of the harvest season. Others believe that Halloween was the day when the door between this world and the after world opened, allowing spirits to enter. Halloween also has roots in Christian tradition, to stamp out paganism, and in Scottish heritage, where people dressed as ghosts to protect themselves from spirits.

A Halloween Blue Moon

This year, Halloween is bound to look a bit different than in years past. And while candy may or may not be exchanged by friends and neighbors, the heavens are opening their bounty to share with us. At 10:51 am on October 31, the light from the Full Hunter’s Moon will fill the skies. The Hunter’s moon is the first full moon to rise after the Harvest Moon (on October 1), and as it is the second this month, it is also called a Blue Moon.

While many traditional Halloween images depict a full moon, this match up only comes once every 19 or so years—the next will occur in 2039! And while every full moon is unique, this one carries an even bigger bonus. Because the Hunter’s Moon appears just opposite the sun and will be on the horizon at the same time as the sunset, it will appear larger than usual and bright orange. What a timely treat.

No matter which historical—or celestial—route you follow, modern-day Halloween is filled with wonder and merriment. It also brings with it an air of mystery and intrigue.

So, in true Traditional Chinese medicine fashion, we bring that intrigue back within.

The Body Never Lies

Throughout each day, we spend countless hours communicating with others—discussing work and family events, disappointments and excitements. We solve the mystery of lost keys and forgotten information. But have you ever taken the time to figure out the mystery of your own body?

Your body is continually talking to you. Every ache, every pain—every symptom—is a message from your body. It’s telling you that something is just not right. But do you give these symptoms the same time and attention that you give to other people and responsibilities in your life? Many of us pop an aspirin, wait 20 minutes, and continue on with our day. While that may help relieve the pain, it’s shutting the body up. Instead, take time to respect your body. Start picking up on the signs and signals it is sending you. Listen to these messages. And instead of approaching a “symptom” from an angle of fear, look at how the body might be using these physical messages to talk to you.

We are often stuck in our minds. We think through situations so completely that we imagine every possible scenario. But the mind is logical. The mind always changes. Life has become so difficult because we listen to the rational mind. If we really want to discover something bigger than the rational mind, we need to look to the intuitive mind. The information will always be there. You can search for answers on Google or ask friends for advice. But all of this is just information until you bring it within and make it yours. Trust your own body and your own intuition. Realize the power of your body to heal. The body never lies. The answer will always be found within.

Practice With Us

At 10:30 am on October 31, stand outside with a clear view of the full moon. Hold the meditative posture The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth to connect to this cosmic gift from above.

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