Chinese medicine understands that everything is energy. When the body expresses a symptom or health concern, it is communicating that its energy is unbalanced.

Modern men commonly experience back, neck, heel/foot and knee pain. Many men also experience sports injuries, urinary problems and prostate or sexual function problems. From an Eastern perspective, these health concerns are related to Kidney function. They can be prevented by introducing Chinese medicine practices.

How Can I Begin?

Read: Enjoy this 2-part series on men’s health. Information and suggestions stem from Eastern practices that directly impact men’s health issues.
Join a Class: Practice Qigong and see how great your body responds. Below is a taste of the Qigong practice.  Practice this posture to help you get ready for the full class!

Practice: Qigong movements help energy, or Qi, flow smoothly through the body’s meridian system. Here’s a sneak peek at a Qigong movement that directly benefits the Kidney and Bladder meridians—key meridians that impact men’s health.


  • Rest your hands on your lower back with your fingers pointing toward your spine.
  • Lift your left knee.
  • Kick directly behind you, fully extending your leg into a stretch. Your toes should be a few inches from the floor when your leg is fully extended.
  • Lift your knee back to its previous position. Kick back again slowly.
  • Repeat for five minutes. Then switch to the other side.
  • Tips: This exercise should be done smoothly and slowly; each kick should take about two seconds. If you have trouble keeping your balance, use a chair for support.
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