Liver Qi Refresh Video

Enjoy this replay of the opening call for the Liver Qi Refresh program!

Revisit the Liver Qi Refresh blog post to review the daily guidelines.

As a reminder, our weeklong detox covers three main areas:

  1. Food
    • Follow a light eating plan.
    • Prepare the teas and listed foods from the blog.
  2. Lifestyle/EMF
    • Cut back on EMF exposure.
    • Check in with yourself and recognize when something feels off.
    • Practice letting go!
  3. Qigong
    • March with flat feet.
    • Make circles with your hands. (Remember: Extend your thumbs!)
    • Hold The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.

I’m excited, and I hope you are, too!


Go Deeper!

Understand the importance of the Liver! Study the Five Element Consciousness Framework, and read more about the Liver’s role in the body.