It’s that time of year—the time when we reflect on the past year—all of it’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations—and make a resolution for the new year. But all too often, we base our resolutions on the past. In the mindset that we are “learning from our mistakes,” we resolve to be better, change our lives, and impact those around us—all good intentions. But we cannot take a mistake (something bad) and turn it into good. Good only comes from good.

There are no mistakes—no accidents in life. Things that happened this past year were there to serve their own purpose. Leave those things in the past. Let them go. The past can never be a reflection of the future. If you base your resolution on the past, you can never move forward. Instead, create a resolution based on the future.

What will your resolution be this year? To figure it out, stop thinking! Let your rational mind go, and allow your creativity and intuition to take over. Live moment-to-moment. Believe that you are meant to live a happy life. How can you carry this one-day resolution over to each day of the new year? Can you truly live your resolution?


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