Are you the type of person who always needs an answer? It’s sometimes easier to live in the mindset where everything needs an explanation, rather than trusting that events in life are purposeful and happen for a reason. But in this way, you are missing out on so much! You are simply scratching the surface of what life can be!

As Grand Master Lu says, “You have to be flexible. Don’t use the stubborn mind—prove it, show me, how? In that mindset, everything has to be explainable. But a lot of things cannot be explained, particularly if you’re willing to go through this spiritual journey.”

Think about the basics of life and death. Why are we born? Do we actually choose our parents? Where do we go when we die? So many people through the generations have sought answers to these questions and many others like them. After completing spiritual journeys, some claim to have a solid answer to these questions. But are answers truly necessary? What is it that you believe in your heart? Do you believe that birth is the beginning and death is the ending, or do you believe that we are brought to this Earth for a purpose, and our purpose is ours to discover? We have infinite possibilities in this life, but may of them rely on faith.

Faith can connect us to many points of goodness along our path. If we are open to accessing that wisdom, many doors open for us, including the understanding that life doesn’t end when we stop breathing. Our spirit lives on in those that love us, and even shows up in interesting ways through the generations.  Grand Master Lu has said, “When you have faith, love will grow, because love lives in faith.”

So your challenge this week is to live with faith and spontaneity. Go through each day with flexibility, and the understanding that infinite possibilities await you when you live through faith rather than fear. Instead of looking for reasons why, breathe peacefully with the knowing that life is unfolding as it is intended to. What can you learn from the experiences that unfold before you?

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