In Summer, Universal energies are most closely aligned with the Heart’s frequency. The key to Heart harmony is to empty the mind and to allow the entire being to reach a state of peacefulness. Our stressful lives and demanding schedules often make it hard to let go and simply be, but it is always possible to bring love and happiness within.

Close your eyes. Picture a specific moment with someone that you love very deeply. Notice how your body responds to that memory—your face relaxes, your smile widens, your heartbeat slows—your whole body responds. That is love.

Love is not just in the mind—it’s energy and consciousness. All of your cells have a memory of love, so this energy can be saved as data. Remember this feeling. Memorize it, feel it down to your core. Then, later, if you feel depressed or stressed, sit back, close your eyes, and recall that feeling of love.

Down the road, you might discover a new love—something more than your memorized feeling. So close your eyes again and allow yourself to feel the moment. Become aware of how your chest, neck, face, heartbeat—your whole body responds. Now you have an even stronger feeling to return to. This memory will be with you forever.

In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ has a time of dominance throughout the day. Heart time is between 11am and 1pm. Practice Heart harmony. Find a few minutes during this time to close your eyes. Bring your feelings of love to the surface and continue to feed your body love. Eventually, you’ll be able to replace feelings of sadness with those of love and peacefulness.

-Grand Master Nan Lu

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