You are part of the Universe. As Nature transitions through its seasonal changes, so too do you. The weather warms as temperatures creep higher, relying on thunderstorms to clear excess humidity. Birds frolic and play. Bees and butterflies flutter about. Summer flowers bloom and trees fill out with a complete display of green leaves. It’s easy to see the changes that take place in Nature as one season moves into another. But did you know that these changes also take place within you?
Every season is associated with a different organ. In Summer, your Heart—the King of your body, mind and spirit—is in command. Energetically, the Heart controls all mental and emotional activities. Without a peaceful Heart, the entire body cannot function in harmony. As we flow into Summer, take time to reconnect to Nature. Take a walk in the woods, pull some weeds, connect with Nature and help your entire body reach a state of peaceful balance.

Join us for a 7-Day Heart Harmony guided by Grand Master Nan Lu. It includes Qigong practice, an eating-for-healing plan, live conference calls, a private Facebook forum and much more!

Learn more about this virtual journey!

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