“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu

For true prevention, follow Nature's flow! - Grand Master Nan Lu

Spend, Spend, Spend. NO! The Winter season is about Save, Save, Save.

Several times a year, we offer a virtual program that aligns with the energetic messages of the season. Ancient masters knew how to match these frequencies to support their health and well-being. Winter is a time to deeply rest and build energy for the coming Spring season.

During the Winter months, energy draws inward. The outer world looks still and dormant, but a lot is happening under the surface.

Prepare for Nature’s Energy Shift

Join us for a 7-day journey that will warm your body, soothe your soul and guide you to increase your energy.  Grand Master Lu will share Qigong practices that are specific to the needs of the season, guide you in what meals to prepare and offer teachings that will deepen your understanding of natural law.

Forecast for the New Year

In the new year, Earth’s energy will be in a low cycle. Grand Master Lu explains how this translates to health and healing and shares tips that you can do now to ensure a balanced new year.

We Make it Fun, and Stimulating

Here’s what you’ll experience.

  1. Two informative conference calls with Grand Master Lu
  2. A routine of Qigong postures to practice daily
  3. A massage routine to open the flow of energy
  4. Mid-week “Ask Your Questions” call with Irma and Elaine
  5. 7-Day eating plan complete with recipes
  6. Tips and guidelines to follow throughout Winter
  7. Online support via Facebook


3 Specialty Cooking Lessons with Grand Master Lu included.

Creating Balance

7-Day Journey Recap

Lessons with Grand Master Lu

Grand Master Lu offers two conference calls: Sunday, January 13 and January 20, 9:30 am (Eastern). During each call, you will learn more about this season’s energetic messages and how to match Nature’s flow. All calls are recorded and posted on the private Facebook Forum.

As an added bonus, Grand Master Lu will share several cooking videos demonstrating short-cuts and personal secrets.

Qigong Postures

Qigong practice moves energy and helps the body find its way to balance and then harmony. Grand Master Lu will demonstrate specific Qigong movements that can be practiced well beyond these seven days for continued benefits.

Massage Routine

Learn a simple routine to stimulate your energy foundation.

Additional Call

Often questions come up as the program progresses. Instructors Irma and Elaine will be available to offer support. (January 16, 12:00 pm).

Eating Plan

We will provide a wide variety of easy soup recipes. Purchasing ready-made soup is fine, too. We’ll provide you with a list of foods such as vegetables, greens, root vegetables, fruits, grains, and fish.

Private Facebook Forum

Express your thoughts and share your feelings as you interact with our online community.

Virtual Program

You will have exclusive access to all materials online. Access will be available on January 13.

Program Timeline

  • When you register, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Two days prior to the program’s start, you’ll receive a shopping list of suggested food items.
  • One day before, you’ll receive a link to log into your program materials.

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