The Heart in Chinese medicine is the resting place for your Spirit.  By harmonizing your body, you give your Heart the best opportunity to find inner peace.

Heart energy is highest during early summer so congratulations for stepping up and using the tools taught in this program to support your body.

Simple and Lighthearted

Keep it light. Our goal is to reduce any pressure you may feel. Follow these suggestions:

  1. Stop thinking! That’s right, thinking uses up energy. Rather than mulling over plans and thoughts, just go with the flow.
  2. Train yourself to see through the lens of-There are no accidents. Everything is happening as it should.
  3. Turn inward. Find your inner beauty via the term tenderness. What does tenderness mean to you?
  4. Practice, practice, practice. Make time to do quality Qigong practice.


Each morning before rising, consider doing this practice.

Close your eyes. Gently take 2-3 deep breaths. Focus on your third eye. Smile, then imagine there is a lotus flower on your third eye and it’s gently opening. Do this for 2-3 minutes.  If possible use this exercise a few times a day when taking mini breaks.

Tips to reinforce a calmer day.

  • Cut back the frequency with which you check emails and texts.
  • Turn off your cell phone and computer after 8:00 p.m. daily.
  • Spend time with people you like.
  • Do one thing daily that you like to do.
  • Find time in your day to take mini breaks.

Meditative Qigong Practice

Grand Master Lu selected Qigong practices to help you develop a peaceful inner vibration.  Each posture will allow your mind to slowly drop away. As you become more balanced, you will be energized. Allow this energy to nurture you from the inside out.

Here are your daily Qigong practices.

Healthy Eating

Food is more than nutrition. On a much higher level, food contains messages from Nature. The wind, rain, sun, and moon carry unique intelligence that informs the foods you eat.  When you eat, you also absorb these messages. If possible try to find in season and locally grown fruits, and vegetables.

See your Daily Eating Plan.

Include Herbs

With their unique healing properties, herbs—like food—feed the body with digestible, energetic messages. Each morning and evening, take your herbs on an empty stomach and wait about a half hour to eat.  If you forget, simply take them when you can at least 6 hours apart.

Conference Calls

Grand Master Lu guides you to achieve the best results possible. He will encourage you to move beyond your current level of health. 

Heart Harmony Opening Call

Listen to the replay here:

Heart Harmony Closing Call

Listen to the replay here:

Facebook Forum

Post your questions, comments, before/after pictures, and food photos on our private Facebook forum. The consciousness of the group will amplify your personal results and is a valuable tool. Call us if you need help joining the private forum. To join, log in to your Facebook account and search for Heart Harmony 2019 or use this link.


Five Elements - A Universal Framework

Study the Five Element chart. It’s an ancient framework used to understand how the body communicates. Keep this chart handy while joining the conference calls as Grand Master Lu will be explaining the Hearts relationship to other organs.