Wu Ming Qigong Practice

Here are your daily Qigong practices. Watch the videos carefully and see how you interpret the Qigong forms. Then, each day, watch the videos again and see if your forms change. Don’t question yourself. Simply watch and do. Do each form for as long as you can.

As a bit of background, Qigong directly impacts the meridians and allows the body to communicate with Universal energy. This form of care is why Qigong is seen as a preventative practice and is what the body craves for balance and harmony. Focus on yourself by practicing daily for as long as you can. Notice how your practice changes as the week passes.

Warm up

The Dragon Prays allows the body to come into alignment and deeply relax. We prepare the body in this manner so subsequent postures can be more effective.

Dragon Flips

The Dragon Flips has an interesting twist to it. Notice how the hands flip in different directions when you shift the walk. Start by doing this posture in place for a few minutes. When you feel the flow of the movement, add the active steps.

Dragon Nurtures the Heart

The Dragon Nurtures the Heart is a favorite Qigong posture that allows your internal body to communicate with the external world. The longer you stand in this Qigong posture the more your will communicate with Universal wisdom.