Complimentary Spring Cleanse

For past-participants of our Seasonal Cleanses and their friends only

Have you participated in one of our seasonal cleanses before? We want to recognize your past commitment to cultivating energy and continue our rhythm of an energy tune-up each season. So we are inviting all past participants to come together for a complimentary Spring cleanse.

Yes, the program is entirely free. This time around, we’ll provide the materials and you make a contract with the Universe. Jump into this huge pot and activate more of your own creativity and initiative throughout the ten days.  

Who it’s for

  • Anyone who has participated in one of our seasonal cleanses in the past.
  • *Friends of past-participants. We encourage you to gift this program to someone you care about. By doing so you share how you have changed. You share life-wisdom and offer the gift of health to your friends. We also want to enable to you to build in the support (and fun) of participating with friends. Registration for you and your friend(s) are compliments of Grand Master Lu and TCM World Foundation.

How it works

Spring brings an exuberant energy that is so valuable for our healing. It is the very best time to focus on cleaning-up the Liver. You’ll find the program components familiar; daily Qigong practice, eating to support our energy system and guidance from Grand Master Lu about leveraging nature’s seasonal messages.

The key difference this Spring is that you make a pact with the Universe and become aware that the invisible level holds gifts that are accessible to everyone. 

Qigong Practice

You will be given Qigong movements to practice every day. Grand Master Lu will demonstrate the movements in videos that you can access—and practice along with—on our website. During this cleanse, we ask that you bring more awareness to monitoring your practice and journaling how you feel before and after practice.


Unlike previous programs, we will not be offering a specific day-by-day eating plan. Instead, we’ll provide you with a list of suggested foods chosen to support the Liver function. We encourage you to listen carefully to your own food cravings and allow your imagination to help you follow those cravings creatively.

Calls with Grand Master Lu and Qigong Instructors

  • Opening call with Grand Master Lu: April 8 at 7:00 p.m. (EST)
  • Open forum with Qigong Instructors: April 11 at 12:00 p.m. (EST) Ask your questions.
  • Closing call with Grand Master Lu: April 18 at 7:00 p.m. (EST)

Facebook Forum

Enjoy sharing community during this week and express your thoughts, feelings, and discoveries in a supportive forum. If you need help, our staff can help. Participation in the Facebook forum is entirely optional.


The program is entirely free for past participants of our seasonal cleanses and their friends.

How to register

Click the registration button below.

*Note that we have a new system for our programs. You will access all program content through a NEW members-only area on our website. When you register you will create a username and password; you’ll use these to login and access program materials on any web browser. 

The day before the cleanse begins you will receive an email with information on joining the three calls and the Facebook forum. We will not provide a shopping list for this cleanse. 



This program is free!

Information for your friends

Who will guide me?

Grand Master Nan Lu will kick-off the week with a live conference call to encourage you to move beyond your current level of health. In online video, you will be taught specific Qigong movements and receive daily video messages that will keep you inspired throughout the week. Grand Master Lu will end the program with an additional conference call to offer guidance on how to move forward.

What will I eat?

We will guide you in how to eat and offer a complete list of foods and a link to easy-to-make recipes to enhance your Liver function. These foods have been selected for their healing essence to allow your body to deeply rest. Cooking is one of the best forms of self-nurturing. Many people report that a major benefit of our program is a new-found ability to cook! If cooking is simply not your thing, eating out and ordering in is fine too.

Do I have to join the Facebook Forum?

No, however, most do and enjoy sharing in the community. Our staff can help you gain access.

Where are the program materials?

Materials will be available through a password protected section on this site 24 hours prior to the start of the program.

Our program will:

  • Guide toxins out of the body
  • Relax the mind and increase mental clarity
  • Calm the emotions
  • Help you eat and sleep better
  • Strengthen your energy level



This program is free!