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Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

BEAN SPROUT SAUTEThis recipe calls for soy bean sprouts but you can use any kind of sprout. It's important to rinse the soy beans in warm to hot water before cooking. Soy bean sprouts carry the essence of rebirth and encourage the body to move forward with guts!
PEPPERS AND ONION SAUTECombo of peppers with onions improves the digestives system and promotes blood flow. In turn, the digestive system supports immune health.
POTATOES AND RADICCHIO BOWLBecause potatoes grow under the ground, they reflect the Earth's nurturing essence while radicchio with its bitter taste supports the Heart. By adding pumpkin you will give your digestive system an additional boost!
DAIKON RADISH STEWDaikon radishes are known in TCM for supporting healthy Stomach and Lung function. Eaten after the hot summer, radishes cool the body down and help to release toxins.
WATERMELON MY WAY!This watermelon salad is a refreshing meal that supports the Stomach, Heart, Lung and Liver. Mint adds a refreshing twist!
CORN SALAD WITH A TWISTCorn will support the Heart and Stomach and helps to improve digestion. Cilantro gives a nice kick to the dish and will help clean the blood. Add whatever fresh ingredients you have in the refrig to make a similar salad.
EGGPLANT SALADEggplant is composed of about 95% water, making it a weight-loss wonder. Eggplant has the remarkable ability to balance and cleanse internal Qi while improving Liver function. Its cooling essence helps to remove heat trapped in the body, namely the digestive system, helping it to flow smoothly. While eggplant is available year-round, Spring and Summer are the best seasons to enjoy it. Traditionally, eggplant is eaten in Summer in China to combat the high temperatures and reduce heat in the body.
SALMON VEGGIE BAKEThe consciousness of wild salmon is fearlessness! When eating for healing, consciousness and essence are important Essence will support healthy Kidney function which is also related to being fearless.
POTATO WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASHThis satisfying meal harmonizes Stomach Qi and supports the colon. Butternut squash supports the Lung and Large Intestine. While it's a great fall food, butternut squash is a nutritious food year round.
ZUCCHINI STIR FRYZucchini helps to moisture the Lungs and cleanse the colon. By adding grapes, the sweet sour essence supports the Stomach and Liver.
THREE ROOT STEWThis meal will increase your metabolic function. Enjoy warm and puree leftovers for a creamy soup.
ASPARAGUS STIR FRYAsparagus has a warm essence which is good for the digestive system. It can also help relive inflammatory issues as well as releasing dampness.
FRIED RICERice is known for its ability to strengthen Qi and Blood which makes it good for the Stomach and Spleen. It has been a staple in many cultures for thousands of years. Follow along to learn the how-too of fried rice, then substitute your favorite vegetables or other ingredients.
VEGGIE OMELETTEEasy to make and a good way to use left over veggies. Eggs represent new life and are a great source of protein.
YUMMY LEFTOVER SOUPHave leftover soup or vegetables? Don’t let them go to waste! Refresh the flavor and create a new, yummy dish.
CREATIVE LEFTOVER STIR-FRYWe love leftovers. They bring out the creative cook in all of us. We're all about Qi and intuition so enjoy using your leftovers to make am unusual, tasty meal.
BREAKFAST BOWLSome days you just want more protein!  Eggs combined with beans offer a great boost for your morning activities.
CHINESE BROCCOLIChinese broccoli is an essential leafy green that supports the immune system, helps to detoxify the body and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Eaten regularly, this veggie offers excellent support to the Liver.
KABOCHA TOMATO SOUPWinter squash or Kabocha helps to resolve phlegm, strengthen Qi and supports healthy Stomach/Spleen function making it a perfect immunity boosting soup.
EGGPLANT SOUPThis recipe can be amended by omitting the boiling water and adding the eggplant over pasta or rice. Eggplant is beneficial to support healthy Liver function. The seeds make this a vegetable with an Earth consciousness as well.
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