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Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

LEMON AND MINT WATERCleanse and cool your body while you stimulate your Liver with this refreshing Lemon and Mint Water. No refrigeration needed.
Ginger, Mint, and Honey TeaGinger warms and supports your stomach function. The peppermint will cool your throat and the honey will nourish and moisturize your lung.
GINGER CINNAMON TEAGinger and cinnamon are both warming herbs with major anti-inflammatory properties.
NURTURING TEAGinger and honey combined warm and nurture the body. Make large amounts and drink throughout the day.
REFRESHER TEAAllow the body to wake up with this tea. The lemon will cleanse the body while the mint will cool it down and the honey will moisturize the body.
HARMONY TEAA time-honored digestive aid, fresh ginger warms your Stomach energy while re-balancing Lung and immune function. Adding a squeeze of lemon and refreshing mint rejuvenates your Liver function, while raw honey soothes and benefits the Lung and Large Intestine.
DANDELION TEADandelion greens are ideal for detoxifying the Liver and supporting Liver health.