“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

OATMEAL WITH SWEET STRAWBERRIESThe warmth of the oatmeal allows the digestive system to process nutrients more efficiently. Strawberries have many health benefits but are especially good to calm a cough and cool the Lung. The almonds support healthy Lung function.
DAIKON PEANUT SOUPThis recipe will help the digestive system flow more freely. Make a large pot and add fish or meat to leftover soup to make another delicious meal.
SIX-MINUTE SOUPYour refrigerator might be a gold-mine of ingredients for a quick and nutritious meal.
1-2-3 SHRIMP AND TOMATO SOUPThis soup takes little effort to make and is delicious. Shrimp will enhance healthy Kidney function while the other ingredients work together to support a healthy digestive system.
CHINESE BARLEYNumerous studies have shown that Chinese barley contains numerous anti-cancer properties. For better Stomach function, include barley as part of your regular diet.
FISH AND TOFU SOUPDelicious and satisfying, this meal is great to support your Kidney function. For diversity, add green leafy vegetables in the last minute of cooking.
HERBAL CHICKEN SOUPChicken soup combined with a specialty herbal mix will warm the digestive system and support immune health. Make a large pot and enjoy leftovers.
SWEET POTATO GARDEN SOUPThis sweet potato soup is so versatile. You can add any leftovers to the base and make a delicious and healthy meal. Add spinach, leftover rice, tomatoes, and any other leftover sauteed vegetable.
REFRIGERATOR SOUPSearch your refrig and find veggies and meats to add to your leftover soup. If you have leftover meats or fish add them too. The combination will yield an unexpected mix of flavors.
MUNG BEAN NOODLE SOUPNoodles represent long life. Combine this consciousness with the ingredients we used and your soup will support healthy Liver function.
LEFTOVER SOUPSave your energy! Eat leftover soup, try adding ingredients you have in your home including fish, tofu, vegetables, and grains. Broth-based soups are easier to experiment with versus creamy soups.
SHRIMP AND TOMATO SAUTE′This traditional dish supports healthy Kidney function. The secret to making delicious shrimp is knowing when they are cooked, not overcooked. Click on the video to learn some tips.
CARROT AND GINGER SOUPThis soup is a great detoxifier and benefits all the body's organs. Carrots are best known to support eye health, reduce dry heat in the lungs, and moisturize the intestines.
Nurturing SoupThis hearty soup is satisfying and supports healthy Stomach function.
BONE SOUP YOUR WAYBone soup is good for the Kidneys and strengthens bones. Use the broth in soups or as the liquid for making rice or other grains.
EGG DROP SOUPWith one tomato and an egg you can make a nutritious soup that's fast, low cost and good for your heart and kidney function. Join our Qi and Soup Winter program to learn more about the healing essence of foods. https://www.tcmworld.org/health/seasonal-programs/winter-2022/
LONGEVITY NOODLE SOUPWarming soups allow the digestive system to save energy. This hearty soup is easy to make and satisfies your noodle craving. Noodles represent long life so enjoy eating your noodles!
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