“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

ROASTED NUTSRoasting nuts allows the essence is released and your Kidney energy is further enhanced. Unroasted nuts are considered raw and take energy for the body to digest.
BEAN BURGERBlack beans are good for Kidney energy. By adding the leafy greens the Liver is also supported.
NUT BUTTER DELIGHTUse your favorite nut and blend up a spread. Experiment with different nuts and spices for variety.
BLACK BEANS AND RICEThis warm and satisfying dish will support your Kidney function and provides an anti-inflammatory effect. Save your energy. Double the recipe for extra meals.
HOMEMADE ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTERPeanut butter is an all-time kid favorite and is very versatile. Try making your own! Use organic peanuts, and be sure to buy roasted (or roast them yourself)! Roasted peanuts release oils when ground, making them perfect for smooth and creamy peanut butter.
CHICKPEA CRUNCHHave you ever had a craving for crunchy, salty food? Instead of munching on potato chips, try these chickpea bites. In addition to the taste of salt being beneficial for the Kidney, chickpeas help strengthen the Spleen and the Heart, as well as the Lung.