“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

BEAN SPROUT SAUTEThis recipe calls for soy bean sprouts but you can use any kind of sprout. It's important to rinse the soy beans in warm to hot water before cooking. Soy bean sprouts carry the essence of rebirth and encourage the body to move forward with guts!
CREATIVE LEFTOVER STIR-FRYWe love leftovers. They bring out the creative cook in all of us. We're all about Qi and intuition so enjoy using your leftovers to make am unusual, tasty meal.
BREAKFAST BOWLSome days you just want more protein!  Eggs combined with beans offer a great boost for your morning activities.
BARLEY AND MUNG BEAN CEREALTogether barley and mung beans team-up to strengthen the digestive system and support future health. Mung beans enhances Liver function while barley strengthens the digestive system.
BLACK BEAN CHICKEN TACOThis meal is light and packed with veggies to cool down the body, support the digestive system and bring a bit of protein into the meal.
SUMMERY MUNG BEAN SALADMung beans are the number one food for healthy Liver function, and this summery salad with sunflower seeds supports the Heart. Mint will help cool the body in the summer heat.
FIVE ELEMENT BEAN SOUPAll the five elements are in this soup. Can you name them? Enjoy this sweet soup for breakfast or dinner.
SPICY BARLEY & MUNG BEANSThis breakfast cereal of Chinese barley and mung beans is so good for your digestive system. The chili bamboo shoots, available in most Asian markets, will add a burst of flavor and is also good for digestion. Extra bonus - the spicy flavor supports the lung!
EGGPLANT STEWEggplant is good for Liver function, and with the herbs and spices, this stew will warm the body and support digestion.
SPROUTS IN A WRAPSprouts symbolize new life. eat them regularly to support healthy Liver function and give your overall body a boost.
HOW TO SPROUT MUNG BEANSSprouts are full of emerging energy and carry a vital healing essence to support the healthy Liver function.
ROASTED NUTSRoasting nuts releases a healing essence. Unroasted nuts are considered raw and take energy for the body to digest.
BEAN BURGERBlack beans are good for Kidney energy. By adding the leafy greens the Liver is also supported.
NUT BUTTER DELIGHTUse your favorite nut and blend up a spread. Experiment with different nuts and spices for variety.
BLACK BEANS AND RICEThis warm and satisfying dish will support your Kidney function and provides an anti-inflammatory effect. Save your energy. Double the recipe for extra meals.
HOMEMADE ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTERPeanut butter is an all-time kid favorite and is very versatile. Try making your own! Use organic peanuts, and be sure to buy roasted (or roast them yourself)! Roasted peanuts release oils when ground, making them perfect for smooth and creamy peanut butter.
CHICKPEA CRUNCHHave you ever had a craving for crunchy, salty food? Instead of munching on potato chips, try these chickpea bites. In addition to the taste of salt being beneficial for the Kidney, chickpeas help strengthen the Spleen and the Heart, as well as the Lung.