“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

TOMATO BASIL PASTAPasta soothes the Stomach with tomatoes and basil help the Heart and Liver. This delicious dish is also good leftover and served at room temperature.
LEAFY GREEN SALAD WITH WARM GRAINSColorful, delicious and nutritious! Our goal was to reduce the cold essence that normally impacts the digestive system by eating too many salads.
PEAR AND OATMEAL BAKEOatmeal with pears will help you build healthy Stomach function and will support your Lung energy.
RICERice is the most widely consumed staple food and has supported mankind for thousands of years.
LOTUS SEED SOUPLotus seed supports healthy Lung function and the red dates will support the Stomach and Spleen function. Enjoy the sweet and nutty flavor!
QUINOA WITH MAPLE SYRUP AND NUTSQuinoa is a great source of protein and helps support healthy Kidney function. Its versatility makes Quinoa a great choice for breakfast, as a base for vegetables bowls and for use in soups.
QUINOA VEGGIE BOWLCooking is a creative process. Save time, money and energy by repurposing your leftovers into a delicious meal.
DELICIOUS OATMEAL WITH STRAWBERRIESThe warmth of the oatmeal allows the digestive system to process nutrients more efficiently. Strawberries have many health benefits but are especially good to calm a cough and cool the Lung. The almonds support healthy Lung function.
BASIC QUINOA RECIPEQuinoa is a wonderful source of protein and can be made in larger batches for creative cooking.
CongeeDress up this classic white rice porridge with your favorite veggie, egg or meat.
BARLEY CEREAL WITH ALMONDSCombining almonds with Chinese barely in a warming soup is an awesome way to support the body. Chinese barley has been studied as a cancer preventative. Chinese barley helps support the digestive system while almonds contribute to healthy Lung function. This meal is also helpful in resolving constipation issues.
CABBAGE AND RICEEating cabbage is a great way to clean the digestive system. It is also thought of as a detoxifier. During the fall season, eat plenty of fresh cabbage and try adding any leftover leaves to a soup mix.
QUINOA BOWL WITH SEASONAL VEGETABLESQuinoa along with the selected vegetables will support the Earth element and help the digestive system flow. Quinoa is a protein that can help you build energy and fight off fatigue.
OATMEAL AND FRESH APPLESThis warming breakfast allows the digestive system to wake-up gently setting the tone for the rest of your day. Add other fruits if you like for variety.
Dragon’s Way® TreatsThis all time favorite was developed 20 years ago for Dragon's Way participants. The ingredients support Kidney function, and are a good source of protein.
TOMATO RICE BOWLThis satisfying dish is also easy to make with left over veggies. Begin with rice and add any vegetables or seasonings for that you're craving today.
RICE PILAF MEDLYRice is satisfying dish that has supported civilizations for thousands of years. Adding quinoa and pine nuts offer a protein source to support immune health.
TOASTED WALNUTSWalnuts are a great source of protein and support Kidney function and are great to improve your memory. By baking them before eating, the nuts become more easily digestible and release more of their healing essence.
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