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Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

TANGY FRUIT SALADThis fresh fruit salad will excite all of your senses. The sweet and sour dressing will stimulate your Stomach and your Liver.
AVOCADO TOASTAvocados are a diverse fruit with many healing benefits. We like their ability to moisten the body.
PINEAPPLE PEACH SALADPineapple has been used to reduce summer heat, aid in digestion, and is known to support Heart health as well as immune health.
AVOCADO DRESSINGAvocados offer numerous healing potential. They help moisture the body and nourish blood. Their healing properties aid the digestive process and support Lung and Large Intestine function.
AUTUMN FRUIT COMPOTEWarm pears are the ideal fruit to support Lung function. Plums support Liver function. By adding pine nuts you also support Kidney function and maple syrup adds a warming element to the entire dish. Enjoy this as a meal or snack. Eat warm or at room temperature.
APRICOT SMOOTHIEApricots protect against Heart disease, help quench thirst and also add moisture to the Lung. Often prescribed for coughs, this fruit has been a part of the Chinese and Greek diets for thousands of years.
TOMATO SALADTomatoes are known to be good for cooling down the Liver and reducing high blood pressure. They are also beneficial when it comes to supporting digestion and improving appetite. These versatile fruits pack a lot of support for the Heart.
SOOTHING OATMEAL WITH CRANBERRIES AND NUTSOatmeal is a great way to start your day. Eating warm foods is beneficial for your Stomach. The addition of nuts, such as walnuts, provides a healing essence to support your body.
PERSIMMON WITH PLUMS AND WALNUTSPersimmons and plums support the digestive system. Be sure to eat this in fall as it also helps to prevent seasonal coughs and colds.
BARLEY WITH CINNAMON AND NUTSChinese pearl barley is a versatile food recommended in our Dragon’s Way ®program that contains anticancer and anti-obesity properties. It is also very beneficial for skin and digestive issues.
ASPARAGUS WITH LEMON MARINADEAsparagus root has been used as a healing herb for centuries. The food itself is a great way to support your Kidney function.
WARM FRESH FRUIT COMPOTE WITH NUTSThis is a delicious way to enjoy your fresh summer produce. Eating warm foods, especially in the morning, is beneficial for your Stomach--and the rest of your body, too!
GRILLED PINEAPPLEWhat's a sweeter way to end a summer meal than with freshly grilled pineapple. Grilling brings out the natural sweetness in the fruit. As an alternative, serve the grilled pineapple with fish and rice.
ALMOND SMOOTHIESmoothies are a great way to cool the body during the heat of summer. Remember: do not add ice, and enjoy your smoothie in the afternoon or evening.
OATMEAL WITH FRESH BERRIESOatmeal is a great way to start your day. Fresh berries with their sweet and sour taste offer the digestive system good support.
MANGO PEACH OATMEALMake this hearty breakfast on Monday and enjoy it throughout the week. The warming oats are a wonderful way to start your day, and the mangoes and peaches give your Stomach an added boost.
PERSIMMON PEAR DELIGHTPersimmons and pears are autumn-favorite seasonal fruits that support Lung energy – be sure to eat plenty of these delicious fruits to prevent coughs and colds!
TRADITIONAL PEAR COMPOTERock candy is sweet, yet it is absorbed by the body in a more balanced way than refined granulated sugar. This product is available at your local Asian market.
DELICIOUS BAKED PEARSPears help to cool and lubricate the Lungs and Large Intestine. In a hot climate, pears will add fluid to the body and help clear heat. Baked or eaten fresh, pears can aid in clearing coughs, reducing constipation, and moisturizing the skin.
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