“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

SHRIMP WITH SPROUTSThe Kidney will love this dish, and these sprouts will help detoxify the Liver!
ARUGULA AND EGGSSpring is the best time to support the Liver. Including arugula, spinach, mustard greens all support healthy Liver function.
BAKED COD WITH GINGER AND SCALLIONSThis delicious fish recipe is great for Kidney, Stomach and Liver function. The combo is an appetizing way to support the body. Leftovers can be chopped-up and added to boiling water for soup.
MUSSEL SOUPHere’s a simple soup to support Kidney function and fortify the body’s energy.
FISH AND TOFU SOUPDelicious and satisfying, this meal is great to support your Kidney function. For diversity, add green leafy vegetables in the last minute of cooking.
DANDELION OMELETTEEggs represent creativity and new life. Connecting to this message translates into an intention to rediscover youthful exuberance.
SOFT BOILED EGGEggs are a great source of protein. On a higher level, eggs represent new life. Enjoy your eggs and connect to their message of creativity.
HALIBUT WITH ASPARAGUS AND MANGOThis fish dish is delicious, colorful and supports Kidney, Liver and Stomach functions. You can use other types of fish as well.
VEGGIE FRITTATAThis easy-to-make recipe will save you energy, help you clean up your leftovers and still build Stomach, Kidney and Liver function. Making extra will allow you to enjoy a delicious egg sandwich the next day!
ZUCCHINI OMELETTEEggs are a wonderful source of protein and support Kidney and Stomach function as well as nurture the blood. Most importantly, eggs contain all the energetic "Message of Life".
STEAMED MUSSELSThis dish includes three warming foods: mussels, fennel, and scallions. Mussels support the body and build Kidney Qi while Fennel helps warm cold conditions in the body. Scallions are also warming and benefit the Lung.
SHRIMP AND KALE SKILLETThis simple dish would be a great one to serve to guests. It's colorful, sweet, savory, and simply delicious!
EGG WHITE OMELET WITH SEASONAL VEGETABLESEating in-season fruits and vegetables allows your body to stay in tune with the season and Nature itself. And remember, eggs aren't just for breakfast. Enjoy this dish throughout the day.
BAKED COD WITH TOMATOES AND SCALLIONSCod, with tomatoes and parsley offer a fresh boost to the body. The fish will support Kidney function while the other ingredients continue to support the digestive system.
LEMON SHRIMP SAUTEAccording to the Five Element Theory, the Kidney is associated with the water element. Foods from the ocean support healthy Kidney function. The Kidney is also known as the mother of the Liver. When the mother is balanced, the child will receive the benefits.
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