“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

TOFU SAUTETofu supports the Kidney, tomatoes go to the Heart and scallions support the Liver. This dish is a powerful internal tune-up!
TACO TUESDAY!Fish tacos can be a creative meal by adding favorite veggies or toppings. Fish supports healthy Kidney function and helps the Stomach and Spleen.
TENDER SALMONBoiling salmon? Easy to do and delicious with a light flavor and a big Qi boost. Great for Kidney Qi and leftovers can be added to soup or added to fried rice.
BALSAMIC FISH SOUPA tasty dish with a kick, thanks to a splash of vinegar. Together the ingredients nurture Liver and Kidney function. Parsley is an added bonus that helps to "clean" the blood.
COD WITH FENNELHere's a trick to determine if your fish is fully cooked. Using a chop stick, gently poke the cod to see if it flakes apart. If so, it's done! Fish is an excellent source of protein to support healthy Kidney function. This recipe is part of the Winter Qi Reset
YIN/YANG TOASTEveryone loves to crunch. This egg meal is toasted on one side yet soft on the other. Enjoy the balance between hard and soft.
SALMON VEGGIE BAKEThe consciousness of wild salmon is fearlessness! When eating for healing, consciousness and essence are important Essence will support healthy Kidney function which is also related to being fearless.
PEACHY FISH BAKEFish is a great source of energy to support healthy Kidney function. Adding fruit give a touch of sweetness which is good for the Spleen and Stomach.
VEGGIE OMELETTEEasy to make and a good way to use left over veggies. Eggs represent new life and are a great source of protein.
CREATIVE LEFTOVER STIR-FRYWe love leftovers. They bring out the creative cook in all of us. We're all about Qi and intuition so enjoy using your leftovers to make am unusual, tasty meal.
BREAKFAST BOWLSome days you just want more protein!  Eggs combined with beans offer a great boost for your morning activities.
SIMPLY CHICKEN AND ONION STIR FRYMaking a meal in less than 4 minutes is a wonderful way to conserve Qi. This delicious meal can be amended using left over ingredients. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, onion helps regulate Qi and move phlegm. Chicken is known to dispel cold and regulate Qi. Cultures around the world turn to chicken broth to fight colds.
SALMON MANGO BAKESalmon topped with ginger and scallions support the Kidney and Liver. The digestive system is also positively impacted.
CELEBRATORY DINNERHonor your cravings. The body is guiding you. Every food carries an energetic essence that brings support to the body. Don't doubt your cravings. Use them as your guide. What are you in the mood for?
FENNEL FISH SAUTESimple and delicious this meal supports healthy Lung and Kidney function. Together these two organs keep the body strong and vital.
ALMOND CRUSTED CODHealthy eating! When rolled in almonds, this meal supports healthy Lung and Kidney function and is great for every season. TCM reminds us the essence of the meal is what's most important as it offers energetic support. Adding a touch of hot sauce increases the association with the Fall season.
LUFFA GOURD WITH RICE CAKE SOUPThis recipe was made with Luffa gourd, the kind that produces luffa (loofah) sponges! You will find these light green gourds in the Asian markets, late summer into fall so its a perfect food for that time of year.
POACHED EGG OVER QUINOIEggs are a perfect balance of yin and yang. Here’s a satisfying breakfast or brunch with this amazing message.
SCALLOPS WITH VEGETABLESScallops support healthy Kidney function. Adding the onions support the Lung while the tomatoes support the immune system.
SALMON CUCUMBER ROLLSSalmon supports healthy Kidney and Heart function. Cucumbers have a cooling effect and are great especially during the summer months.
YOUR CHOICEFood cravings are messages from the body asking for support. Eating what you crave is a way to honor the body. What tastes will satisfy you now? Go ahead and enjoy that food and eat until you are 80% full.
BLACK BEAN CHICKEN TACOThis meal is light and packed with veggies to cool down the body, support the digestive system and bring a bit of protein into the meal.
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