“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

PEARLED STRING BEANSString beans resonate with the essence of the Liver. Since they grow on vines, the vines represent the ability to move upward in an unrestricted manner. The pearled onions support your Stomach and Spleen and the pine nuts boost your Kidney energy.
CRAB STUFFED ZUCCHINI BOATSCrab, like all other seafood, supports your Kidney function. In addition to the benefits received from the vegetables in these crab cakes—the colorful peppers support your Heart, Stomach, and Spleen—the addition of zucchini gives your Liver an added boost.
SPICED CAULIFLOWERA warming dish for fall, cauliflower helps support your Kidney function, while turmeric and other warming spices give an extra boost to your Stomach.
STEAMED ASPARAGUS WITH GARLICThis easy dish can substitute in any steamed vegetable, such as green beans or Chinese broccoli. Asparagus supports Kidney function while time-old, cross-culture medicinal and culinary favorites, garlic and ginger, improve digestive system functioning.
SEAWEED SALADSeaweed is a traditional staple in Asian cuisine, touted to have numerous health benefits, including anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. The essence of seaweed strongly benefits Kidney energy, as its natural habit – the ocean/water – is the element associated with Kidney.
WATERMELON JUICEIf you find yourself drawn to a juicy slice of watermelon on a hot summer day, trust your intuition! This staple of nearly every picnic is nature’s gift to cool us off. Yet few people in the West know that watermelon has been an important healing food in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. TCM practitioners use this fruit medicinally to treat kidney infection, liver disease, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The essence of watermelon is cool, so it can help decrease internal heat, relieve thirst, and because it has the ability to increase the frequency of urination, it can help the body release toxins. Used topically on the skin, watermelon is very effective for overexposure to the sun.
PMS COMPRESSFennel is a food with many healing benefits. It has a warm essence that enters the Liver, Kidney, Spleen and Stomach meridians. Fennel especially conveys its healing qualities to the Liver and Stomach organ systems. This food is helpful for stomachaches cause by internal cold. It can even relieve food poisoning! Chinese medicine practitioners “prescribe” fennel to help regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve PMS symptoms.
CORN SILK TEACalled yu mi xu in China, corn silk has been used as a TCM remedy for thousands of years. It has a naturally sweet flavor and neutral essence. It helps relieve internal heat, water and dampness in the body. Additionally, corn silk benefits the digestive system, helping it to function more effectively by nourishing and balancing Stomach and Liver function. In TCM, corn silk has been used to help both the gallbladder and kidney pass stones, and in the treatment of diabetes.
HOT GINGER CINNAMON TEA WITH PINE NUTSThis warming recipe will help you combat colds as well as seasonal allergies. Cinnamon directly adds to your body’s “fire” that keeps your organs and entire body warm and functioning well, which is crucial for addressing allergies. Ginger is warming and beneficial for Lung; its spicy taste helps to push energy to the surface of the skin, boosting the immune system. For a sweeter, more substantial drink, add 1-2 minced pears, which are especially good for Lung energy. Pine nuts support Kidney energy and raw honey strengthens Lung and Large Intestine energy.
KIWI LEMON “CHEESECAKE”Adapted from a Paleoland recipe, this easy no bake dessert lets you enjoy a sweet treat while getting a healthy dose of nuts and cinnamon, which are beneficial for your Kidneys, dates which strengthen your Stomach and Spleen, and kiwi, which is a superfruit for detoxifying your body especially ifyou’ve been going through chemotherapy or radiation. Raw honey supplements Lung and Large Intestine function and the sour taste of lemon benefits your Liver, the organ associated with this taste. Use roasted nuts (cashews, walnuts, almonds) to help your Stomach and conserve your Qi for healing!
HONEY ROASTED PEARS WITH GINGERHoney roasted pears help to remove heat from the body and are beneficial to the Lung and Large Intestine. Honey will add moisture to the Lung and Large Intestine while ginger will warm the digestive system. The nuts and cinnamon offer support to the Kidney. Use candied pecans or walnuts to turn this into an extra-special healing dessert for the Fall!
ORGANIC CHEWY APPLE CHIPSApples are the quintessential, all-American fall treat, a simple delight that reminds one of innocent childhood days spent apple-picking or drinking hot spiced cider. Harvested by the thousands of bushels every autumn, apples contain much healing wisdom gathered from nature during its long-growing season and ripening cycle, with a light, easily digestible essence that comes from growing in the air. Your grandmother was right when she said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” This is a simple and delicious way to enjoy your favorite apples all day long, and a great, portable snack to send to school with your kids. Apples support your Lung, Stomach/Spleen, and Liver function, and cinnamon is a warming herb that supports your Kidney and Stomach functions.
MANGO DILL SALADAdding sesame oil and dill to the mango salad enhances Kidney function while the refreshing taste of apple cider vinegar supports healthy Liver function. Mangoes are great for supporting Stomach function.
CHERRY PIE WITH WALNUT BUTTER CRUSTCherries are a seasonal summer fruit that benefits the heart. This flour-free walnut butter crust adds plenty of crunch and flavor while adding a Kidney-benefiting superfood, walnuts. Butter and brown sugar add a comfort food taste and boost the warming nature of this dish.
BAKED MARINATED SALMON WITH SCALLIONSThis delicious and easy-to-make recipe combines two nourishing foods: salmon enhances your Kidney Qi and scallions benefit your Liver. You can use salmon fillets or steaks, or even the whole fish. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and then bake the fish with this rule in mind: For each inch of thickness of the fish (measuring at its thickest part), bake it for 10 minutes.
TANGERINE AND ROSEMARY TROUTAny kind of seafood will benefit the kidneys, including fish. Rosemary and scallions support the Liver for an extra added benefit!
PASTA WITH CHICKEN SAUSAGE, PEPPERS, AND TOMATOThis recipe has many steps, but it is well worth the effort! Not only is it a great way to impress guests, but the red vegetables in this recipe–red pepper and tomato– support your Heart function. Chicken (optional) boosts your Kidney yang energy. The peppers benefit your Stomach and Spleen while leeks and garlic support your Liver. So feel free to add a few more cloves of garlic for your Liver!
CHICKEN WITH BROCCOLITomatoes, like all red vegetables, support the Heart function. When paired with broccoli rabe, a bitter food, your heart is given an extra boost. Broccoli rabe also benefits your Liver. The mushrooms add flavor and dimension to this dish while providing many cleansing properties. Chicken boosts your Kidney yang energy, but without the chicken, this recipe would be just as delicious.
COLORFUL CHICKEN SAUTE WITH VEGGIESChicken supports Kidney Yang energy in the body. Red pepper benefits the Heart while the fennel stimulates the energy of the Lung and drives out cold conditions in the body. This would be a great dish to eat before or during your menses especially if you get cramps from cold in your body!
WILD SALMON SWEET POTATO CAKESSalmon strengthens Kidney Qi. Salmon has extra special strength evident in how they swim up-river to spawn. Essence therefore is the hidden gift. Dill benefits the Kidney, while onion and sweet potato are good for the Stomach and the Spleen. The almond flour benefits the Lung.
SKILLET CHICKEN WITH APPLES AND POMEGRANATEThis one-pot meal goes from the stovetop, to the oven, to your table. It has a mild sweetness that is sure to please even the most finicky eater, with a fresh, tangy essence from the orange zest (beneficial for the Stomach) and basil. Chicken is a meat that strengthens Kidney yang. The natural sweetness from the apples and pomegranate seeds benefit the Stomach.
BAKED FISH WITH DILLDill is a popular herb that benefits the Liver and Kidney with its tangy essence, and its delicate flavor compliments the mild taste of white fish fillets perfectly. When choosing fish, Master Lu says to make sure to do a sniff test – fresh fish should never smell “fishy,” just clean and slightly briny! Tomato benefits the Heart, while fish (or any kind of seafood) strengthens the Kidneys and is a particularly good food to eat for fertility or while pregnant.
HERBED FISH TACOSThis recipe pairs bright favors of fresh herbs and lemon with delicate, flaky fish. The saltiness of the fish supports your Kidney function, while the lemon benefits your Liver. This recipe is listed in three separate parts: Herbed Fish, Roasted Corn, and Summer Cole Slaw (the latter two recipes can be found in the Vegetables section here. You can make each part separately or combine them into one delicious taco!
CRUNCHY CRAB CAKESThe taste associated with the Kidneys is salt, so any type of seafood from the salty ocean – especially shellfish like crab, shrimp, mussels, or lobster – benefits your Kidney function. The vegetables in these crab cakes also benefit other organ functions– red pepper supports your Heart, and yellow and orange peppers support your Stomach and Spleen. Cooking the crab cakes in grapeseed oil gives your heart health an added boost.
GARDEN FRESH SQUASH AND TOMATO SALAD WITH SESAME SOY VINAIGRETTEZucchini is beneficial for Liver health, and tomatoes help to balance the Stomach and the Heart. Sesame seeds and a dash of sesame oil round off this healthy dish with a boost of support for the Kidneys. Add a little lemon juice of vinegar to strengthen Liver function and a tad of hot sauce and spicy arugula to activate the Lung.
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