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Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

MATCHSTICK VEGETABLE SAUTÉA plate full of colorful vegetables is always appealing, especially when you understand how healthy eating contributes to a healthier body. And this simple little dish packs a punch! As root vegetables, celery root and carrots benefit your Stomach and Spleen. Garlic and leeks support your Liver function, and red pepper gives your Heart a boost. For an added treat, make a healthy taco by putting some grilled fish in a warm tortilla, then topping with these colorful vegetables and a little slice of avocado.
ROASTED EGGPLANT, TOMATO, AND POLENTA APPETIZERThis beautiful appetizer is simple, delicious, and healthy and a great way to start off a light meal. Using prepared polenta is a great way to reduce your time in the kitchen so you have more time to enjoy this appetizer with friends. In this recipe, polenta (made from corn) supports the Stomach function, the roasted tomatoes benefit your Heart, and the eggplant gives your Liver function a boost.
ROASTED ROOT VEGETABLES WITH LENTIL PILAFA perfect addition to your holiday table, this dish is a complete meal—legumes, grain, and vegetable. Full of flavor and packed with healing essence, this dish is hearty and satisfying. Black lentils support and bolster your Kidney Qi, while the rice and root vegetables—carrots and beets—support both your Stomach and Spleen. Because of their deep red color, beets also help to regenerate red blood cells.
BLACK LENTILS & RICE TOPPED WITH CAULIFLOWERThis is a perfect vegetarian dish to serve at your next dinner party. It’s hearty, striking in its appearance, and simply delicious. Two of the main ingredients in this recipe—black lentils and cauliflower—make this a Kidney-inspired dish.
ROASTED EGGPLANT WITH PINE NUTSEggplant has a cooling essence and helps to remove heat trapped in the body, and is especially good for harmonizing the Qi of the Liver to aid its function. It can also lower cholesterol and can help you discard excess weight! The pine nuts support Kidney energy, and the plum tomatoes support Heart health.
CRISPY EGGPLANT WITH SALSAWith its cooling essence, eggplant helps to remove heat in the body. It also helps harmonize the Qi of the Liver. Both eggplant and zucchini support the Liver function. In addition, tomatoes are beneficial to the Heart.
GARLIC STEMS, RED PEPPER, FENNEL, AND PEACH TOSSGarlic stems – also known as scapes – benefit the Liver, while red pepper benefits the Heart. Fennel warms any cold conditions in the body and is especially good to eat during one’s menses. Both fennel and peach strengthen the Lung.
FENNEL SAUTÉFennel is a wonder food for warming cold conditions in the body, especially for menstrual cramps due to cold. Red pepper strengthens the Heart and blood, and scallions are also warming and benefit the Lung.
MUNG BEAN CEREALMung beans are a great detoxifier of the Stomach and Liver. Chinese red dates add a natural sweetness to this recipe and support your Stomach energy.
CABBAGE SOUPMany people today eat cabbage to aid in weight loss, but did you know it also helps clear toxins from the body? This easy-to-make recipe supports your Liver, Stomach and Lung function, all key to healthy digestion.
SWEET AND SOOTHING SOUPThis soup is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it is so simple to make! Yellow mung beans support Stomach function and help guide toxins out of the body.
TEN MINUTE TARO AND LEEK SOUPTaro root is harvested in the fall and is great to promote a healthy digestive system. The leeks will support your Liver while seaweed will help the Kidney.
AZUKI RED BEAN SOUP WITH LOTUS SEED AND TANGERINE PEELRed bean soup is both a popular snack and a sweet dessert soup. Azuki beans benefit the heart and aid digestion, relieves edema, invigorates blood circulation, promotes urination, and clears heat. Balancing the function of the Spleen and Stomach, tangerine peel, also called Mandarin peel, is helpful for balancing Qi, or vital energy. Tangerine peel’s warm essence helps to clear phlegm and eliminate dampness in the Stomach and upper abdominal area. Lotus seeds nourish and calm the Heart, strengthen the digestive organs, and benefits the Kidneys. Azuki beans, dried lotus seeds, and dried tangerine peel are commonly sold in plastic bags in Chinese or Asian markets.
KALE AND LENTIL SOUPThis soup is warming on a cold winter afternoon. It can be easily made with either leftovers or fresh ingredients in just about fifteen minutes. Kale’s bitter taste is beneficial to the Heart. In addition, mushrooms help cleanse the body and lentils help remove dampness, leading to better digestion and energy flow.
SWEET PEANUT SOUPThe sweetness of the rock candy and the peanuts both support the digestive system. Because peanuts grow in the earth, they benefit the Stomach and Spleen, the organs associated with the Earth element in Five Element Theory.
CREAMY CAULIFLOWER SOUPCauliflower is good for Kidney energy. As with all other recipes, the butter and cream can be omitted for a dairy-free but still creamy and delicious version.
BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUPTry this flavorful way to prepare butternut squash soup, which benefits your digestive organs, specifically the Spleen and Stomach, as it is harvested in the fall and is orange, a color associated with the element Earth (associated with the Spleen in Five Element Theory). For a dairy free version, omit the butter and cream.
WHITE FUNGUS SOUPThese ingredients can be found in an Asian market for this fabulous sweet soup that is easy to make. White fungus, or Bao Mu Er, is traditionally used for sweet soups and desserts. It has no flavor but is deliciously crunchy and is good for the Lung. The rock candy benefits the Lung, Stomach, and Spleen, lotus seeds strengthen Spleen and Kidney function, and the Chinese red dates give this soup a sweet essence, good for digestion!
HOT AND SOUR VEGETABLE SOUPThis soup takes a bit of work; however, for those that love hot and sour – it’s well worth it! According to TCM, the sour taste supports Liver function and the spicy taste supports the Lung! White fungus, celery, and hot sauce also support Lung function. Feel free to replace the selected vegetables and/or add additional ones.
HEARTY POTATO-TOMATO SOUP FOR TENPotatoes and onions are good for the Stomach and Spleen as they grow directly in the earth, the element associated with these key digestive organs. Tomatoes benefit the Heart as well as the Stomach; use plum tomatoes for maximum Heart benefit! Dill strengthens the function of the Kidney.
VARIATION ON SIMPLE DAIKON RADISH SOUPThis delicious variation on the original recipe gets a bit creative and incorporates some kind of meat. Scallions benefit the Liver, tomato strengthens the Heart, and dried shrimp enhances this dish with a savory umami taste and benefits your Kidney energy.
DAIKON RADISH SOUPDaikon radish is a superfood for the digestive system. This radish has been used traditionally for centuries in Chinese cooking to benefit the Spleen and the Stomach, especially if you have heat conditions in the body.
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