“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

GRAND MASTER LU’S DRAGON NOODLESDid you know that craving noodles, pasta or breads is the body’s way of asking for nurturing? Why not honor that request and nurture yourself? Here is an easy to make, delicious dish that offers a Chinese take on noodles. This is a great dish to serve accompanied with different stir fried vegetable side dishes. The portion sizes are hearty, so don’t be shy about sharing!
BARLEY SALADEaten for centuries by the Chinese as a simple food-as-medicine herbal remedy, Chinese barley (Job’s Tears) can rid the body of extra water and mucus that can contribute to weight gain, sluggishness, and arthritis. It is also particularly good at balancing the Qi of the digestive system, especially the Spleen and Stomach. Irma likes to make this for a quick breakfast or lunch with leftover barley cooked the day before!
BARLEY SALADA favorite and versatile food recommended in our Dragon’s Way program, Chinese pearl barley (also called Job’s tears or coix seed) has been proven to contain anticancer and anti-obesity properties. It is also very beneficial for skin and digestive issues. You can purchase Chinese pearl barley at your local Asian market.
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