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Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

CRISPY, SPICY, EGGPLANTEggplant is one food that supports the Liver. Good Liver function is key to developing and maintaining a healthy metabolism function.
NAPA CABBAGE WITH PEACHESNapa cabbage is a versatile vegetable that can be made into a salad, sauteed or added into soup. It has a long refrigerator life so experimenting with various recipes makes cooking easy. Napa cabbage is high in fiber so it's great for digestion, prevent constipation, has anti- inflammatory properties, and detoxifies the body.
EGGPLANT SUPREMEThis versatile dish can be used as a dip, a spread, or served alongside rice to make a complete meal. Eggplant is excellent for Liver health.
SHRIMP AND KALE SKILLETThis simple dish would be a great one to serve to guests. It's colorful, sweet, savory, and simply delicious!
SIMPLE FRIED RICEWho doesn’t like fried rice? This healing grain that is eaten at nearly every meal in Asian cultures strengthens Stomach functioning. Use leftover rice mixed with your favorite veggies for an easy and quick dinner that’s sure to please everyone.
WOK-UP VEGGIE MELANGEThis is a quick version of a healthy stir-fry that anyone can whip up in less than ten minutes! Use pre-chopped vegetables to make it even easier to prep in a flash.
WATERMELON DELIGHTThis favorite summertime fruit has a cool essence that can help decrease internal heat, relieve thirst, and assist the body in releasing toxins.
ELLASARA’S BROCCOLI RABE STIR-FRY WITH PLUM TOMATO SAUCECombining broccoli rabe, which has a bitter taste, with plum tomatoes (all red foods support the Heart) is a win-win scenario for your Heart function. The Heart has an energetic preference for bitter foods. Broccoli Rabe is also good for the Liver. Enjoy this recipe as a stand-alone dish or serve it over rice or pasta.
STIR FRY LOTUS ROOTThis delicious and crunchy food has been used for thousands of years to support Lung function as well as Liver function. Sautéed, juiced, or ground for tea, the lotus root is a great addition to your diet, especially in autumn.
ZESTY CELERY-ROOT STIR-FRYAs root vegetables, celery root and carrot are associated with the Earth, and help support your Stomach function. The warming ginger supports your Stomach as well as your Lung.
VEGGIE SAUTÉ (BASIC RECIPE)A mixture of colorful vegetables helps support your various organ functions, while the black sesame seeds give your Kidney an added boost.