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Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

STEAMED ASPARAGUS WITH GARLICThis easy dish can substitute in any steamed vegetable, such as green beans or Chinese broccoli. Asparagus supports Kidney function while time-old, cross-culture medicinal and culinary favorites, garlic and ginger, improve digestive system functioning.
DRESSED-UP TOFUSoybeans, in any form, have long been a delicious staple in Asian cultures. Tofu’s cooling essence moistens the Lung and Large Intestine, making it a useful food remedy for coughs and constipation. Eat in moderation and always cooked, as too much of its cold essence can damage Stomach function.
GARDEN FRESH SQUASH AND TOMATO SALAD WITH SESAME SOY VINAIGRETTEZucchini is beneficial for Liver health, and tomatoes help to balance the Stomach and the Heart. Sesame seeds and a dash of sesame oil round off this healthy dish with a boost of support for the Kidneys. Add a little lemon juice of vinegar to strengthen Liver function and a tad of hot sauce and spicy arugula to activate the Lung.
BROCCOLI/BEET SALADMost people like broccoli florets, but here’s something to do with the often less popular stalks. Although there are a number of steps in creating this salad, they are not all that time consuming. Cooking the beets takes the longest and can be done the night before.