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Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

DANDELION GREENSDandelion greens are ideal for supporting Liver health and for clearing toxic heat out of body and blood. Scallions and garlic also help to support Liver health. Try adding pine nuts or black sesame seeds to give support to the Liver’s mother, the Kidney. Adding spicy chili black bean sauce and sugar will help cut some of the natural bitterness of the dandelion greens.
GARLIC STEMS, RED PEPPER, FENNEL, AND PEACH TOSSGarlic stems – also known as scapes – benefit the Liver, while red pepper benefits the Heart. Fennel warms any cold conditions in the body and is especially good to eat during one’s menses. Both fennel and peach strengthen the Lung.
FENNEL SAUTÉFennel is a wonder food for warming cold conditions in the body, especially for menstrual cramps due to cold. Red pepper strengthens the Heart and blood, and scallions are also warming and benefit the Lung.
CABBAGE SOUPMany people today eat cabbage to aid in weight loss, but did you know it also helps clear toxins from the body? This easy-to-make recipe supports your Liver, Stomach and Lung function, all key to healthy digestion.
HEALTHY HOT AND SOUR SOUPThis soup takes a bit of work; however, for those that love hot and sour – it’s well worth it! According to TCM, the sour taste supports Liver function and the spicy taste supports the Lung! White fungus, celery, and hot sauce also support Lung function. Feel free to replace the selected vegetables and/or add additional ones.
HEARTY POTATO-TOMATO SOUP FOR TENPotatoes and onions are good for the Stomach and Spleen as they grow directly in the earth, the element associated with these key digestive organs. Tomatoes benefit the Heart as well as the Stomach; use plum tomatoes for maximum Heart benefit! Dill strengthens the function of the Kidney.
CELERY ROOT SOUPThis hearty hot soup – remember, the Stomach loves warmth – is the perfect complement to a chilly fall day. With the addition of fresh herbs and the delicate taste of celery root, this soup can be paired with just about any main dish, or can be enjoyed all on its own. The earthy root vegetables in this soup (celery root, anise bulb, carrots) give the Stomach an added boost. Leeks and garlic both benefit the Liver, while mushrooms cleanse and detoxify the body. Dried mushroom powder also lends an added layer of flavor to this soup.
MASTER LU’S NOODLESServed warm or cold as leftovers, this satisfying dish is good for your Stomach and Kidney energy. For this recipe, use thin spaghetti cooked al dente.
YUMMY NOODLESPine nuts enhance this dish and strengthen Kidney function, while garlic enhances Liver and Stomach health.
KALE AND KIDNEY BEAN PASTAKidney beans and kale are beneficial for the heart – here’s an easy pasta dish to incorporate both of these healing foods for heart health!
DRAGON’S WAY FIVE ELEMENT FRIED RICE RECIPEIf you enjoy cooking food the Dragon’s Way, this recipe is a fun and uncomplicated one to try, especially if you have leftover rice and veggies in the refrigerator! It takes some prepping in terms of chopping (and preparing the black rice beforehand if you don’t have any leftovers), but once you have all the ingredients assembled, it is easy to prepare and just as easy to eat.
GARLICKY CORN PILAFLooking for a creative way to use up the vegetables in your fridge? Try adding them to your rice or pasta dishes for healing benefits. White rice is a centuries-old staple for most Asian countries because of its special healing essence for Stomach function. Paired with garlic, the zucchini in this rice pilaf gives your Liver function a boost. As a sweet, yellow vegetable, corn supports your Stomach function. Mushrooms are used to cleanse the body and have an overall healing benefit.
POLENTA ROUNDS WITH BROCCOLI, CARMELIZED ONIONS AND PEPPERSThe Stomach responds to the color yellow and Earth elements. In this recipe, polenta (made from corn), yellow peppers, and onions, a root vegetable, all support the Stomach function. Eating broccoli is an excellent way to give your Liver function a boost.
RICE & NOODLES WITH ONIONSThis is a total comfort food dish that we like to serve at our cozy retreat house in the Catskills! Noodles and rice are the ultimate comfort food as they support the nurturing center of your body, the digestive system. For example, in the East, rice gruel, called congee, is served to nourish those recovering from illness, often with medicinal foods slow cooked with the rice for hours; everyone in the West knows about the nourishing properties of chicken noodle soup!
GARDEN MARINARA SAUCE WITH PASTAWhether the tomatoes come from your backyard garden or the produce section of your supermarket, making a homemade sauce is the best way to bring out that just-picked-taste. And it doesn’t need to take all day, either! Use a variety of tomatoes to heighten the flavor of your sauce without having to add too many additional ingredients. In addition to the Heart-healthy red wine and tomatoes, this sauce incorporates zucchini and garlic, which support your Liver!
GRAND MASTER LU’S DRAGON NOODLESDid you know that craving noodles, pasta or breads is the body’s way of asking for nurturing? Why not honor that request and nurture yourself? Here is an easy to make, delicious dish that offers a Chinese take on noodles. This is a great dish to serve accompanied with different stir fried vegetable side dishes. The portion sizes are hearty, so don’t be shy about sharing!
BARLEY SALADA favorite and versatile food recommended in our Dragon’s Way program, Chinese pearl barley (also called Job’s tears or coix seed) has been proven to contain anticancer and anti-obesity properties. It is also very beneficial for skin and digestive issues. You can purchase Chinese pearl barley at your local Asian market.
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