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Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

PASTA WITH CHICKEN SAUSAGE, PEPPERS, AND TOMATOThis recipe has many steps, but it is well worth the effort! Not only is it a great way to impress guests, but the red vegetables in this recipe–red pepper and tomato– support your Heart function. Chicken (optional) boosts your Kidney yang energy. The peppers benefit your Stomach and Spleen while leeks and garlic support your Liver. So feel free to add a few more cloves of garlic for your Liver!
ZUCCHINI OMELETAdding zucchini or yellow squash to this tasty egg dish will support your Liver function!
CHICKEN WITH BROCCOLITomatoes, like all red vegetables, support the Heart function. When paired with broccoli rabe, a bitter food, your heart is given an extra boost. Broccoli rabe also benefits your Liver. The mushrooms add flavor and dimension to this dish while providing many cleansing properties. Chicken boosts your Kidney yang energy, but without the chicken, this recipe would be just as delicious.
COLORFUL CHICKEN SAUTE WITH VEGGIESChicken supports Kidney Yang energy in the body. Red pepper benefits the Heart while the fennel stimulates the energy of the Lung and drives out cold conditions in the body. This would be a great dish to eat before or during your menses especially if you get cramps from cold in your body!
SALMON WITH SAUTEED BEETS AND PEASThe sautéed veggies can be eaten on their own or atop fish, chicken, or beef. In this recipe, the bulb of the beet, a root or earth vegetable, is cooked along with its greens, providing a nutritious way to use the whole food. Since root veggies grow directly in the earth, which is the element associated with Stomach and Spleen, the essence of beets and onions naturally support your Stomach function. Peas help to move what is “stuck” in the body.
SKILLET CHICKEN WITH APPLES AND POMEGRANATEThis one-pot meal goes from the stovetop, to the oven, to your table. It has a mild sweetness that is sure to please even the most finicky eater, with a fresh, tangy essence from the orange zest (beneficial for the Stomach) and basil. Chicken is a meat that strengthens Kidney yang. The natural sweetness from the apples and pomegranate seeds benefit the Stomach.
DIVINE LETTUCE SAUTÉCooked lettuce? Try it—it’s delicious! The essence of raw or uncooked foods is cold, which impairs Stomach function. This recipe puts a traditional Chinese spin on salad!
VEGGIE AND EGG SQUARESEggs represent harmony. They contain all the information of life. By mixing eggs with common ingredients found in your refrigerator you will create a nutritious dish and the left overs are equally as good.
VEGGIE SAUTÉ (BASIC RECIPE)A mixture of colorful vegetables helps support your various organ functions, while the black sesame seeds give your Kidney an added boost.
GARLIC SAUTÉED ESCAROLEEscarole has a bitter taste which resonates with the Heart. Add leftovers to boiling water as a soup stock!
DRUNKEN SPINACHMushrooms contain many nutrients and are often used to help cleanse the body. In this recipe, mushrooms are paired with spinach, which supports your Liver and Stomach function.
LEEK-CUCUMBER-BELL-PEPPER TOSSCucumbers and leeks are great for the Liver and also help the Stomach, particularly if you have heat in the Stomach. Peppers are a fun and colorful way to dress up this dish and benefit the Stomach and the Spleen, and are a good food to eat for weight loss.
KALE AND SWEET POTATO SAUTÉThis beautiful pairing of bright orange sweet potatoes and green, leafy kale not only looks as good as it tastes, it also packs a powerful energetic punch. As a root vegetable, sweet potatoes are beneficial to your Stomach function. Kale, a bitter green, supports your Heart function, while leeks work to strengthen your Liver.
LEMONY SUMMER PEAS WITH MINTThis light, lemony “salad” is full of healthy nutrients, fiber, and protein. Peas are used as a treatment for constipation and therefore help to move what is “stuck” in the body. Red pepper, like all red foods, support your Heart function.
SPINACH AND CHICKPEA SAUTÉThis dish is delicious and super simple: just 10 minutes from start to finish, and it’s healthy in so many ways. Chick peas add protein while supporting the Large Intestine, Heart, and Spleen function. Spinach and garlic benefit the Liver. Lemon and mint give this dish a fresh twist and also support your Liver, making it the perfect side dish for spring or summer.
STRING BEAN SALADWarm foods are easier to digest because your body doesn’t need to expend Qi, or energy, to digest them. While this salad is refrigerated to allow the vegetables to marinate, the salad should be served at room temperature. String beans are used to detoxify and support the Liver, while garlic gives your Liver an added helping hand. The colorful peppers give a boost to your Heart, Stomach, and Spleen.
BROCCOLI WITH YELLOW PEPPERSBroccoli is an excellent food for supporting Liver function, together with garlic and lemon juice. Yellow peppers support the Stomach because yellow is the color that matches the vibration of this major digestive organ.
OLIVE, BOK CHOI, AND RED PEPPER SAUTEThis recipe has salty olives, which help balance your Kidney energy. The garlic supports your Liver, while red pepper and bitter bok choi benefit your Heart function.
ESCAROLE AND BEANSMushrooms have long been used to cleanse the body. In this dish, just a bit of dried mushroom powder adds a punch of flavor while boosting health benefits. In addition, white beans support the Lung and garlic and escarole support the Liver.
SIMPLE VEGGIES WITH CHIVES SAUTEBasically this recipe can be made with any chopped veggies you have in your refrigerator, for a quick and easy Dragon’s Way dinner! The flavorful and spicy essence of Chinese chives has traditionally been used to support your Kidney yang energy, treating erectile dysfunction, as well as strengthening Liver function and the digestive system, particularly if you are constipated or have stomachaches from cold.
WARMING VEGETABLE MEDLEYChock full of vegetables and protein from beans, this dish could be served as a side or as an entrée when paired with wild rice. The black beans in this dish support your Kidney function, and the zucchini helps to boost your Liver. All remaining main ingredients, such as yellow onion (a root vegetable), banana peppers, and corn benefit the Stomach/Spleen duo.
SAUTÉED BEETS AND BUTTERNUT SQUASHAs root vegetables, Vidalia onions and beets support your Stomach and Spleen. The sweetness, color, and warmth of butternut squash also benefit these organs, which have a “mother-child” relationship with the Lung, the organ associated with the Fall. When the mother is full of energy and strong, she can better support and nurture her child!
MATCHSTICK VEGETABLE SAUTÉA plate full of colorful vegetables is always appealing, especially when you understand how healthy eating contributes to a healthier body. And this simple little dish packs a punch! As root vegetables, celery root and carrots benefit your Stomach and Spleen. Garlic and leeks support your Liver function, and red pepper gives your Heart a boost. For an added treat, make a healthy taco by putting some grilled fish in a warm tortilla, then topping with these colorful vegetables and a little slice of avocado.
CRISPY EGGPLANT WITH SALSAWith its cooling essence, eggplant helps to remove heat in the body. It also helps harmonize the Qi of the Liver. Both eggplant and zucchini support the Liver function. In addition, tomatoes are beneficial to the Heart.
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