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Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

BLACK BEANS AND RICEThis warm and satisfying dish will support your Kidney function and provides an anti-inflammatory effect. Save your energy. Double the recipe for extra meals.
HERBAL SOUP WITH NOODLESThis delicious soup will boost your immune function and warm your belly. Make a large pot and freeze some for later in the week.
VEGETABLE WATERMELON ZINGThis light and refreshing vegetable mix is great year round but in summer most veggies are fresh. The essence of this dish supports Heart and Stomach function. An unusual addition to this dish is watermelon. It adds a refreshing lift to your veggies.
POTATO LEEK SOUPThis recipe relies on starchy potatoes for creaminess, instead of heavy cream. Warming and satisfying, it's the perfect accompaniment to some sautéed vegetables or a small piece of fish.
HEARTY LENTIL SOUPThis hearty soup is a perfect component to your winter dinner repertoire. Feel free to substitute other vegetables (such as potatoes, tomatoes, and asparagus) for the spinach, or replace the spinach with kale.
LEMON SHRIMP SAUTEAccording to the Five Element Theory, the Kidney is associated with the water element. Foods from the ocean support healthy Kidney function. The Kidney is also known as the mother of the Liver. When the mother is balanced, the child will receive the benefits.
CLAM CHOWDERTry this healthy and simple version of an all-time favorite!
VEGETABLE KIDNEY BEAN SOUPCurl up with a hot bowl of this warming vegetable soup on a cold, winter day. And don't fret if you don't have all of the ingredients on hand. You can get creative with this recipe and add (or subtract) according to your preferences.
ESCAROLE BEAN SOUPThis deliciously simple soup can be made in just a few minutes. Enjoy its warm, healing essence with every spoonful!
STUFFED CREMINI MUSHROOMSThe perfect Thanksgiving appetizer or side dish, stuffed mushrooms are also beneficial, as they help to cleanse and purify the body. So go ahead, have another!
GARLIC-PANKO TOPPED STRING BEANSThis simple side dish is a delicious way to get more vegetables on the table. The crunchy panko adds a wonderful texture, and allows the dish to reheat well (just 10 minutes in a 350 degree oven for crispy beans and crunchy panko!) Your Liver responds to the color green, and the fragrant garlic will give your Lung a boost. Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!
PEARLED STRING BEANSString beans resonate with the essence of the Liver. Since they grow on vines, the vines represent the ability to move upward in an unrestricted manner. The pearled onions support your Stomach and Spleen and the pine nuts boost your Kidney energy.
ZUCCHINI SCRAMBLED EGGSEggs are a great way to nourish your body. But these are not just ordinary scrambled eggs. A few simple ingredients elevate scrambled eggs to a whole new domain. Try them! You’ll never go back to plain eggs again. Zucchini and green scallion tops support your Liver function, while the whites of the scallions support your Lung function.
FINGERLING POTATO SAUTEThis quick side dish packs a flavorful punch. It’s full of foods that benefit your Liver—leeks, celery, and bok choy—as well as your Stomach—potatoes. Take this dish one step further and add 4 cups of bone broth. Soup is the perfect remedy to a cold winter afternoon and a great way to show your Stomach some extra TLC.
ENDIVE AND TOMATO STIR FRYThe bitter essence of endive goes straight to the Heart. Try it sautéed with your favorite assortment of mushrooms, the cancer-preventing, weight-loss promoting wonder food of Asian medicine, and red plum tomatoes, which also nourish and strengthen Heart Qi.
FENNEL AND CELERY SAUTÉFennel has a warm essence that is famous for relieving cold-related conditions in the body, especially cramps! Celery’s mild taste soothes the Stomach and is famous for its insomnia-relieving properties, among others.
SIMPLE FRIED RICEWho doesn’t like fried rice? This healing grain that is eaten at nearly every meal in Asian cultures strengthens Stomach functioning. Use leftover rice mixed with your favorite veggies for an easy and quick dinner that’s sure to please everyone.
WOK-UP VEGGIE MELANGEThis is a quick version of a healthy stir-fry that anyone can whip up in less than ten minutes! Use pre-chopped vegetables to make it even easier to prep in a flash.
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