“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu


Foods are selected for their healing essence and ability to support specific organ function.

CARROT SAUTE′Carrots are good for the digestive system and support healthy Liver Function.
BROCCOLI RABEThe healing Qi of these foods are sent directly to your Heart, which they strengthen and help heal. The healing essence of the broccoli goes directly to the Heart. Broccoli rabe actually decreases internal heat and helps prevent heart disease.
LOTUS ROOT STIR FRYLotus root is the root of the lotus flower. A traditional Chinese dish, lotus root has numerous health benefits including supporting immune health and Lung function.
VEGGIE OMELETEggs represent creativity and new life. Connecting to this message translates into an intention to rediscover youthful exuberance.
DANDELION AND CUCUMBER SAUTEDandelion is a powerful green vegetable that helps to detoxify the body. Make versatile dishes by combining apples, or other vegetables to the saute′.
SHRIMP AND TOMATO SAUTE′This traditional dish supports healthy Kidney function. The secret to making delicious shrimp is knowing when they are cooked, not overcooked. Click on the video to learn some tips.
TOFU AND TOMATO STIR FRYTofu is an excellent source of protein and tomatoes along with the scallions will support the Heart and Liver. Make extra of this dish and use leftovers as a base for soup.
BEAN BURGERBlack beans are good for Kidney energy. By adding the leafy greens the Liver is also supported.
STRING BEANS AND GINGERString beans are an excellent food source that support healthy Liver function. Adding ginger introduces a warming element and is good for the digestive system.
HALIBUT WITH ASPARAGUS AND MANGOThis fish dish is delicious, colorful and supports Kidney, Liver and Stomach functions. You can use other types of fish as well.
Nurturing SoupThis hearty soup is satisfying and supports healthy Stomach function.
ZUCCHINI OMELETTEEggs are a wonderful source of protein and support Kidney and Stomach function as well as nurture the blood. Most importantly, eggs contain all the energetic "Message of Life".
LONGEVITY NOODLE SOUPWarming soups allow the digestive system to save energy. This hearty soup is easy to make and satisfies your noodle craving. Noodles represent long life so enjoy eating your noodles!
STEAMED MUSSELSThis dish includes three warming foods: mussels, fennel, and scallions. Mussels support the body and build Kidney Qi while Fennel helps warm cold conditions in the body. Scallions are also warming and benefit the Lung.
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