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Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

TOFU SAUTETofu supports the Kidney, tomatoes go to the Heart and scallions support the Liver. This dish is a powerful internal tune-up!
POTATO WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASHThis satisfying meal harmonizes Stomach Qi and support the colon. Butternut squash supports the Lung and Large Intestine. While it's a great fall food, butternut squash is a nutritious food year round.
ZUCCHINI STIR FRYZucchini helps to moisture the Lungs and cleanse the colon. By adding grapes, the sweet sour essence supports the Stomach and Liver.
THREE ROOT STEWThis meal will increase your metabolic function. Enjoy warm and puree leftovers for a creamy soup.
ASPARAGUS STIR FRYAsparagus has a warm essence which is good for the digestive system. It can also help relive inflammatory issues as well as releasing dampness.
FRIED RICERice is known for its ability to strengthen Qi and Blood which makes it good for the Stomach and Spleen. It has been a staple in many cultures for thousands of years. Follow along to learn the how-too of fried rice, then substitute your favorite vegetables or other ingredients.
WATERMELON CUCUMBER STIR-FRYWatermelon and cucumbers refresh the body with moisture and naturally cools the body. For variety, add your favorite vegetable leftover to the stir-fry.
VEGGIE OMELETTEEasy to make and a good way to use left over veggies. Eggs represent new life and are a great source of protein.
BREAKFAST BOWLSome days you just want more protein!  Eggs combined with beans offer a great boost for your morning activities.
SIMPLY CHICKEN AND ONION STIR FRYMaking a meal in less than 4 minutes is a wonderful way to conserve Qi. This delicious meal can be amended using left over ingredients. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, onion helps regulate Qi and move phlegm. Chicken is known to dispel cold and regulate Qi. Cultures around the world turn to chicken broth to fight colds.
TOMATO ARUGULA SOUPThis soup supports the Heart and Liver while giving overall support to your Stomach function. For variety and Kidney support, add a few pieces of shrimp 3 minutes prior to serving.
SIMPLE SOUPThe concept of simple takes the stress out of cooking. Great soups can be made by using simple ingredients.
WOOD MUSHROOM SAUTEWood mushrooms are great to support healthy Liver and Kidney function. It is known as the best herb to prevent cancer.
EGG DROP SOUP WITH FENNELFennel adds great flavor to the soup and acts as a tourist guide to bring the nutrients from the egg and tomatoes to the Kidney.
FENNEL FISH SAUTESimple and delicious this meal supports healthy Lung and Kidney function. Together these two organs keep the body strong and vital.
FENNEL BOWLOnions and Fennel support healthy Lung function. Fennel has a warming essence while onions help to detox the body.
ARUGULA RICE BOWLOnions, fennel and leafy greens support the immune system. Onions in particular have been used in TCM to reduce coughs and help promote sweating. Eating them in versatile recipes is also a great way to promote healthy Lung function.
LUFFA GOURD WITH RICE CAKE SOUPThis recipe was made with Luffa gourd, the kind that produces luffa (loofah) sponges! You will find these light green gourds in the Asian markets, late summer into fall so its a perfect food for that time of year.
SURPRISE KABOCHA SKINSWhen making kabocha soup, cut the skin off with a knife rather than a peeler. Include a bit of pulp on each piece - don’t throw them away! Make this savory and surprise side dish which includes all of the many benefits of this squash.
VERSATILE RED TOMATO SAUTEOnions are noted for anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and aid the Lung during the cold and flu season. Tomatoes help strengthen the immune system to additionally fight colds and viruses.
OUTSTANDING VEGGIE DISHOnions support healthy Lung Function and stimulate the immune system as do the tomatoes. Together they are good choices for the flu and cold season.
SCALLOPS WITH VEGETABLESScallops support healthy Kidney function. Adding the onions support the Lung while the tomatoes support the immune system.
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