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Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

Barley & Blueberry BakeWe love barley for its anti-cancer properties and ability to clean and aid the digestive track. By adding blueberries, the meal is packed with a sour taste to support the Liver. Together these foods energetically support the Stomach and Liver.
BAKED COD WITH GINGER AND SCALLIONSThis delicious fish recipe is great for Kidney, Stomach and Liver function. The combo is an appetizing way to support the body. Leftovers can be chopped-up and added to boiling water for soup.
GARLIC ROASTED RADISHRadishes are a must for anyone who wants to improve their digestive system and support healthy Lung function.
PEAR AND OATMEAL BAKEOatmeal with pears will help you build healthy Stomach function and will support your Lung energy.
SPICED FRUIT BAKEIt's best to start your day with a warm meal. Baking the fruit, and adding cinnamon supports healhty Stomach function. Pears and honey soothe the Lungs. A simple breakfast with huge benefits!
ROASTED ENDIVEThe bitter taste of endive supports and stimulates your Heart function.
CABBAGE AND RICEEating cabbage is a great way to clean the digestive system. It is also thought of as a detoxifier. During the fall season, eat plenty of fresh cabbage and try adding any leftover leaves to a soup mix.
ROASTED NUTSRoasting nuts releases a healing essence. Unroasted nuts are considered raw and take energy for the body to digest.
ROASTED CAULIFLOWER AND BEANSRoasted Cauliflower is great for the Large Intestine and Lungs. It also will help support the digestive system. The bean will support a healthy Kidney function.
AUTUMN FRUIT COMPOTEWarm pears are the ideal fruit to support Lung function. Plums support Liver function. By adding pine nuts you also support Kidney function and maple syrup adds a warming element to the entire dish. Enjoy this as a meal or snack. Eat warm or at room temperature.
VEGGIE ROASTThis is a versatile recipe that can be made with any vegetables you have on hand. We chose root vegetables as well as greens to support the digestive system.
Pinole CookiesPinole (pine nuts) and almonds have great healing benefits. Pinoles help strengthen the Kidney Qi, while almonds are beneficial for improving Lung function. Both of these ingredients (and more) in a healthy, simple to make cookie!
BAKED APPLES WITH WALNUTSThe old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctors away, is such a wise statement. Apples have a long growing season and therefore, have time to absorb messages from nature. Their essence carries "information" from the sun, the moon, rain, wind, heat and cold. A powerful fruit indeed!
ROASTED BRUSSEL SPROUTSBrussel sprouts support Liver function. Roasted or pan fried, these delicious veggies can be complimented by adding roasted nuts or red pepper.
NUT BUTTER DELIGHTUse your favorite nut and blend up a spread. Experiment with different nuts and spices for variety.
VEGGIE FRITTATAThis easy-to-make recipe will save you energy, help you clean up your leftovers and still build Stomach, Kidney and Liver function. Making extra will allow you to enjoy a delicious egg sandwich the next day!
TOASTED WALNUTSWalnuts are a great source of protein and support Kidney function and are great to improve your memory. By baking them before eating, the nuts become more easily digestible and release more of their healing essence.
BAKED BUTTERNUT SQUASHThe sweetness, color, and warmth of butternut squash benefit the Stomach and Spleen which have a “mother-child” relationship with the Lung, the organ associated with the Fall.
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