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Eating for healing is an exciting way to nurture your body. Foods are selected for their energetic abilities to enhance the body.

WATERMELON CUCUMBER STIR-FRYWatermelon and cucumbers refresh the body with moisture and naturally cools the body. For variety, add your favorite vegetable leftover to the stir-fry.
MONICA’S WATERMELON SALADYou will love this salad for lunch or dinner or just a snack! There's a sweet and salty twist to this meal. Its cooling effect is refreshing and adds hydration to the body.
WATERMELON FASTINGFasting, even for one day is a great way to give the body some internal rest. Watermelon has a cooling effect and helps guide toxins and heat out of the body. Rest as much as you can during this time.
BLUEBERRY MELON SMOOTHIEThe sour taste of blueberries is great to support the Liver. Then, support the Heart, Kidney, and Bladder with coconut water and watermelon.
WATERMELON RIND SAUTE’Don't throw the rind of the melon away any longer. Here's a delicious warm dish that packs great healing value.
APRICOT SMOOTHIEApricots protect against Heart disease, help quench thirst and also add moisture to the Lung. Often prescribed for coughs, this fruit has been a part of the Chinese and Greek diets for thousands of years.
POTATO, WATERMELON AND MANGO SALADA satisfying meal, this salad is great served warm or left over straight from the refrigerator. By combining these ingredients we support the Stomach and Kidney.
LIGHT FISH SOUPDelicious and light, this soup is great to build energy and warm the belly. Enjoy!
VEGETABLE WATERMELON ZINGThis light and refreshing vegetable mix is great year round but in summer most veggies are fresh. The essence of this dish supports Heart and Stomach function. An unusual addition to this dish is watermelon. It adds a refreshing lift to your veggies.
WATERMELON JUICEIf you find yourself drawn to a juicy slice of watermelon on a hot summer day, trust your intuition! This staple of nearly every picnic is nature’s gift to cool us off. Yet few people in the West know that watermelon has been an important healing food in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. TCM practitioners use this fruit medicinally to treat kidney infection, liver disease, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The essence of watermelon is cool, so it can help decrease internal heat, relieve thirst, and because it has the ability to increase the frequency of urination, it can help the body release toxins. Used topically on the skin, watermelon is very effective for overexposure to the sun.
WATERMELON DELIGHTThis favorite summertime fruit has a cool essence that can help decrease internal heat, relieve thirst, and assist the body in releasing toxins.
PICKLED WATERMELON RINDWatermelon is a true summertime super fruit – revered for centuries for its ability to cool heat in the body and stomach and act as a naturally detoxifying diuretic, it is one of the best fruits to eat for weight loss or to help many chronic conditions in the body. You can even use its juice for sunburns! This easy recipe for pickles makes use of most medicinally beneficial part of the fruit, the white rind. Tip: when juicing watermelon, be sure to throw this part in (along with seeds and the green skin) for maximum health benefits.
BEETS ROASTED WITH MACADAMIA NUTS AND WATERMELON RINDIt may sound like an unusual combination, but these flavors work amazingly well together. The watermelon rind takes on the flavor of what’s around it, so you’re left with the tenderness of the beets and the subtle crunch of the nuts. The combination of ingredients in this recipe support your Liver (garlic), Heart (red beets), and Kidneys (nuts). The watermelon rind helps decrease internal heat, relieve thirst, and assist the body in releasing toxins.
WATERMELON GAZPACHOFor a sweet and savory soup, try this no-cook chilled cucumber and watermelon soup. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has used watermelon to cool sunburns, reduce fevers, promote urination, rehydrate the body’s fluids, and clear toxins. Cucumbers perform similar functions.