It’s a brand new year in the Lunar calendar, traditionally celebrated by all Asian cultures as being the real New Year. Since we all love new beginnings, why not celebrate both? Because it’s the Year of the Fire Monkey, we’re particularly excited about 2016, which promises to be full of unexpected surprises and excitement, just like its namesake.

The Monkey is a highly intelligent, wily, naughty animal—active, ambitious and adventurous—and always up to something. He is free from the usual dictates of guilt, conscience, and society—he dares to think the unthinkable and experiment with life, and he believes that the impossible is possible (it just takes some head scratching and a fresh angle)! So it’s a great year to be unconventional, think outside the box, and dare to be different.

The flip side is that sometimes the Monkey can be tricky, just as apt to pull a fast one on you and grab your glasses if you’re not vigilant—so in a Monkey year, you have to act quickly and be on your toes, being prepared at all times to grab the opportunity when it presents itself. Those who are flexible, brave, inventive, and agile will be able to hang on for the wild ride.

Throw the element of Fire into the mix, and you have a fiery, passionate year that brings ample amounts of creativity, joy, and love for most—especially if your Chinese zodiac animal sign is compatible with the Monkey. Even if your animal traditionally doesn’t get along too well with the most mischievous member of the 12-animal zodiac lineup, take heart—it just means that you’ll have to work a bit harder than most at getting your heart’s desire this year. But no matter your sign, you’ll have to be on your toes!

The ancient Chinese almanac of astrology predicts how people born under other signs will get along in the Year of the Fire Monkey. Needless to say, Monkeys will thrive on the unpredictable and exuberant energy of 2016.

Fabulous Year for: Rats, Dragons, Monkeys – Rats and Dragons are the bosom buddies of the Monkey—full of charm, wittiness, confidence, and their own brand of trickster-energy, they can deal just fine with the Monkey’s antics. A dynamic year ahead!

Positive Year for: Sheep, Rabbits, Ox — No matter how much Monkeys chatter or throw banana peels, these placid animals actually welcome the change of pace and stimulation. This can make nervous Rabbits and Sheep a bit jumpy, so be sure to stay calm and peaceful and mind your health. Generally, you’ll see improvement in all areas of life. Finally, progress…

Tricky but Exciting Year for: Roosters, Horses — Monkeys love to pull feathers and swing from horsetails, so watch your back for this prankster. Just remember, the monkey is not your enemy, so it’s all in good fun: enjoy the stimulation and use it to your advantage. (Hint: Use your powers of devotion and hard work ethic for success.)

“Gets Complicated” Year for: Tigers, Snakes, Pigs, Dogs — Stay focused, devoted, and strongyour best qualities. Don’t let the Monkey aggravate you to the point where you bare your fangs, tusks, or claws to lash out against this naughty soul. Your sheer guts, flexibility, and ability to be patient will win the day.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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