It’s a brand new year in the Lunar calendar, also known as Chinese New Year. The date of Chinese New Year changes each year, usually falling on a day between January 21st – February 20th. Filled with traditions and rituals, Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar. In China, the celebration lasts 15 days.

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is represented by the combination of an animal sign (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig) and one of the five elements found in Nature (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). These elements can be categorized as either yin or yang energy. Every person is said to possess the qualities of the animal sign they are born under. This year ushers in yin energy with the Year of the Earth Pig, or “ji hai”.

Earth Element and Pig Spirit

The Year of the Earth Pig brings balance and calmness (Earth) with enthusiasm and a dose of realism and honesty (Pig). Earth energy is grounding and nurturing, and will always find a way to return to a natural state of balance. Adding in the Pig’s gentle, optimistic and lighthearted energy, 2019 is bound to be a year full of happiness and good fortune.

Pigs are often compared to dogs as they are loyal, compassionate, intelligent and playful creatures. They enjoy social interactions and, as the fifth-most intelligent animal, are highly capable of learning complex functions. With unique personalities, pigs display a wide range of emotions and are sensitive to the feelings of others, much like man’s best friend. While these animals have been given a bad rap over the ages, pigs are actually very clean animals that communicate with each other and with the humans around them. At just a few weeks old, piglets respond to their names and to their mothers’ voices. Ever nurturing, mother pigs sing to their babies while they are nursing.

In Chinese culture, pigs are a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Those born under this sign are enthusiastic, focused and trustworthy, sometimes to a fault. While Pigs do not always make the best financial decisions, they always attract success, making 2019 a great year to make investments and career changes. Lucky in love, this year is also a promising one for those looking to further relationships. Set those goals high, and look ahead to a year full of love, happiness and fortune.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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