It’s a brand new year in the Lunar calendar, also known as Chinese New Year. The date of Chinese New Year changes each year, usually falling on a day between January 21st – February 20th. As the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar, it is celebrated for about two weeks.

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is represented by an animal sign (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig) and one of the five elements found in Nature (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth). 2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog, which begins on February 16th.

Earth Element and Dog Spirit

The Year of the Earth Dog brings balance and calmness (Earth) with excitement and instability (Dog). Earth energy is grounding and nurturing, and will always find a way to return to a natural state of balance. Now we add fun-loving, lighthearted energy, just as you may feel in the presence of a smiling, tail-wagging pup.

Man’s best friend is a loyal, compassionate and faithful companion. Dogs epitomize unconditional love and forgiveness. They wag their tails in excitement at the sound of your voice and sit quietly by your side when you are upset. They don’t care if you’re wearing your most beautiful clothing or have just rolled out of bed; dogs love you no matter what. But as sweet as they are, dogs have another side, too. They can be wild, feisty, and stubborn.

In Chinese culture, the dog is revered for its loyalty to its master, regardless of the master’s wealth or status. Dogs have great instincts, and do not hesitate to jump into action when someone is in need. However, their stubbornness and high level of excitability makes many dogs difficult to train.

This year will carry much duality–happiness with frustration, excitement with boredom, action with rest and plans with multiple delays. Throughout 2018, as we celebrate the year of the Earth Dog, honor the balance in your life. Find the excitement that makes you jump for joy and take time to rest and truly connect with your inner spirit.


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