“In order to prevent something, we have to connect to the future. It’s up to us how we connect.” -Grand Master Nan Lu

The Spring season is Nature’s time–Nature’s consciousness. In the Five Element Consciousness Framework, every element in Nature is connected to a season and an organ system in the body, among many other interrelationships. The Spring season connects to the wood element and the Liver. In today’s modern world, 90% of illness and disease are associated with Liver function disorder. So why do so many people display Liver–or wood element consciousness–issues? We’re not connected to Nature.

Nature is our greatest teacher. The Spring season alone holds so many lessons if we are willing to see beyond the visible.

How can we use the wisdom and consciousness of Spring to help us deal with the Coronavirus?

1. Growth:

Growth contains energy. Without energy, nothing can grow. Spring has the consciousness of growth. Behind the visible flowers and green leaves that are bursting forth in Spring, we have invisible energy that pushes this life to the surface. Growth also contains love and compassion. Without these elements, nothing can grow.

2. Harmony:

Life is promised by Nature. Every tree and every flower receive a promise from Nature that the future is certain. Without cooperation and harmony, nothing can grow.

3. Fearlessness:

Every living thing is fearless, because life will be promised. The species will continue. No matter how many times dandelions are killed, they always find a way to come back. That’s the wood element consciousness–the consciousness behind Spring.

Enhance your Liver. Discover your Liver.

The Liver is associated with Spring, which holds the powers of growth, love, compassion, harmony, cooperation and fearlessness. If all of that is already within us, why do we suffer, fear and panic? Nature doesn’t panic.

Springtime is the best time to allow our Liver to connect with all of the wisdom of Spring. This is not the time to detoxify your Liver. Instead, it’s time to upgrade your system and reconnect to your source of energy, information and wisdom.


Click the audio link below to hear Grand Master Lu’s perspective on the podcast: Using the Consciousness of Spring for Personal Enhancement.



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