We asked Grand Master Lu to weigh in on his top three rules for health. Click here to read Golden Rule #1: There Are No Accidents and Golden Rule #2: The Body Never Lies. Then read on to discover another secret to health and healing: When harmony is achieved, the body can heal itself.

The human body is an incredible machine: capable of feeling a multitude of emotions, sensing the intuitive feelings of those around us and moving and interacting with our environments and others in a variety of ways. Yet, the body is capable of much more. When the body is harmonious, it has the innate ability to heal itself.

Grand Master Lu has often said, “When the body is in harmony, disease cannot enter.” When you create a balanced internal environment, the body vibrates at a calm, peaceful level. It invites that same feeling of calm and warmth into its bones, organs and meridians. When the body is under extreme stress or suffers from constantly held emotions, the body vibrates at a different level. The feeling inside is more chaotic and rushed, inviting pathogens to find a comfortable home.

All of the tissues, bones, ligaments, vessels and cells in your body must work as a unit to create a balanced whole. You can separate your body into its individual parts or systems, but just as in Nature, each of these systems must communicate both individually and cooperatively to create a working whole. If one part is out of sync, the whole being suffers.

Each system in the body has its own consciousness and knows its own purpose. It also innately knows—just as the sun knows how to continually shine—to communicate with all other systems. Once you meet this requirement—with each system working in harmony—the body can heal itself. Whatever dis-ease it has created, it also has the tools to reverse. When the body is in balance, disease cannot enter.


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