We asked Grand Master Lu to weigh in on his top three rules for health. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more insight on these three golden rules.

Click here to read Golden Rule #1: There Are No Accidents. Then read on to discover another secret to health and healing: the body never lies.

As Grand Master Lu explains, “Your body is a great cheat sheet. It’s about learning to read it.” Every symptom, ache, pain, disease, food craving and even itchy rash is a form of communication. Symptoms are not something to fear! They are simply the body’s way of expressing what is energetically out of balance. Using the Five Element Framework, we can begin to decipher these messages and intuitively connect to what our body needs to maintain or regain balance.

Most of us look at health as symptom-related illness. But health is so much more than physical. Health is emotional and spiritual. If your body energetically falls out of balance, it cannot send the proper messages for each organ system to continue functioning as it should. That’s when dis-ease starts to appear and the body responds with physical symptoms. By this point, your energetic system has already sent out numerous SOS messages. But fear not! Traditional Chinese medicine follows the concept that energy and mass are interchangeable. So, simply stated, if the body has produced physical symptoms, which we’ll call “mass”, it has the ability to turn that mass back into invisible, free-flowing energy. We just have to tune back in–to our bodies, our minds, our spirits–and our innate intuition.

But how do we return to balance? The answer is always found within. Each one of us is born with consciousness. Is is our gift–our birthright–to discover the deeper awareness of all that is within and around us. When you connect to who you are, you connect to the Universe. When you change yourself from within, the outside changes, too. Your outer body is a reflection of your deepest emotions and desires. Are you constantly afraid? If not addressed, that fear may eventually transition from an invisible emotion to a physical symptom. Making the invisible visible is the body’s way of saying, “You can’t look past this any longer. Heal from within so that we can find harmony together.”

So the next time your body talks, take time to truly listen. Is is asking for more peaceful moments, more warming foods, more positive, healing thoughts? Begin to see yourself as a connected whole, not just a person with multiple parts. Those parts are all connected physically, energetically and spiritually to everything and everyone around you. You are capable of incredible, wondrous things. Your thoughts and words have the power to transform your health and your entire life. What messages are you sending and receiving? Feeding yourself the message that you are on a journey to regain your health sends your body the positive, healing message that health is the ONLY option.


Click here to link to Grand Master Lu’s talk on Mind-Body-Spirit Messages.


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