We celebrated Winter Solstice on December 21, 2021. On that day, we experienced the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. Since that date, we have been in a steady transition from darkness into light. Universal energy has been rising. You are part of this transition from the still of Winter into the burst of life in Spring.

Throughout Winter, follow Nature’s messages:

Be still.

In the midst of every day, find time for quiet. Tune out the noise of the outer world and bring peacefulness within. Breathe in and breathe out. Practice ‘finding quiet’ day in and day out until your body is able to vibrate on the same even tone as Nature itself.


By deeply resting in Winter, animals conserve their Qi until the sun’s light thaws the earth in Spring. Take a look at the items on your ‘must-do’ list. Which of those items are really essential? If everything you do uses Qi, how are you going to spend yours? Are the things on your list really worth the expense?


Although the weather is cold and the landscape is quiet, Nature offers us opportunities to connect. Bundle up in a warm coat, hat and gloves, and take a walk outside. Observe what the still of Winter can teach you. Becoming aware of our connection to Nature throughout every season and every transition brings us closer to understanding ourselves as energy beings.

Be observant.

Note the small changes that take place every day as Nature prepares—little by little—for the majesty of Spring. That same transition is happening within you. Become aware of your body’s changes. How are you feeling at various points of the day? What foods are you craving? These  messages are clues about what is happening within on an invisible level.

Find Your Light.

The peaceful quiet of Winter gives us the opportunity to see ourselves anew, to breathe new life into our own cells in preparation for our own rebirth. What sparks your creativity  and makes you feel alive?

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