It has often been said that the invisible is more powerful than the visible. We see this in our own bodies. Energetically, when Qi is stuck, although we cannot see it, it has a profound effect on our bodies. We experience physical and emotional symptoms. We see it in Nature, too. Air is all around us and is life-sustaining. Whether still air or moving wind, we can’t see or adequately predict this invisible force. It comes without warning.

Wind has the potential to be peaceful and graceful or powerful and destructive. It can carry small seeds to new lands or tear roofs off of homes. Wind has the power to transform entire landscapes. It is Earth’s breath and movement. Wind is truly a free spirit.

The creative, free nature of wind resonates with Spring, the season of the Liver. During this time, we learn to tap into our creative abilities to make decisions, go with the flow and transform. Embrace the spirit of the Liver and the spirit of the wind. Find your own creative freedom!



Embrace the power of the wind in your everyday life.

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