WARM EGGPLANT SALADEggplant is an excellent food that supports healhty Liver function.Add a bit of vinegar for an extra liver boost. Soaking the eggplant in slightly salted water brings out the bitterness and limits the absorption of oil.
DATE NUT BREADMedjool dates, are brown in color and contain insoluble fiber, which is good for healthy digestion. They help prevent constipation and inflammation in the digestive tract and are also known to promote weight loss, support bone health, strengthen immunity, improve brain and heart health. These brown colored dates differ from Chinese red dates.
PUMPKIN MUFFINSPumpkin is a great source of support for the Stomach and overall digestive system. In Chinese medicine the Stomach and Spleen are the primary organs related to the digestive system. They also have a strong energetic relationship with the Lung and Large Intestine. So eating pumpkin is a win win for overall health.
SALMON WITH SOY AND GINGERSalmon with Soy and Ginger is an easy meal that will give you an energy boost and support overall immune health. Ginger will warm the stomach line while scallions carry their warm essence to the Liver.
BAKED STRAWBERRY FRENCH TOASTSupport your Heart with this deliciously decadent breakfast recipe. For a twist, add a mixture of fresh raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries to the batter before baking.
EGGPLANT SOUPEggplant is a super food that supports healthy Liver function. It has the remarkable ability to balance and cleanse internal Qi while improving Liver function
EGGPLANT SALADEggplant is composed of about 95% water, making it a weight-loss wonder. Eggplant has the remarkable ability to balance and cleanse internal Qi while improving Liver function. Its cooling essence helps to remove heat trapped in the body, namely the digestive system, helping it to flow smoothly. While eggplant is available year-round, Spring and Summer are the best seasons to enjoy it. Traditionally, eggplant is eaten in Summer in China to combat the high temperatures and reduce heat in the body.
COD WITH FENNELHere's a trick to determine if your fish is fully cooked. Using a chop stick, gently poke the cod to see if it flakes apart. If so, it's done! Fish is an excellent source of protein to support healthy Kidney function. This recipe is part of the Winter Qi Reset
SALMON VEGGIE BAKEThe consciousness of wild salmon is fearlessness! When eating for healing, consciousness and essence are important Essence will support healthy Kidney function which is also related to being fearless.
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