The health news these days is abuzz with superfoods that everyone “should” make a part of their daily diet. Some are high in antioxidants and reduce the amount of free radicals in your body, like dark chocolate (yum) and berries–especially goji. Others are high in a certain vitamin content–like oranges and grapefruit which are chock full of Vitamin C and spinach and beans, which are high in iron.

While TCM understands that foods have certain properties that are beneficial to the body, the Eastern perspective on foods is widely different. TCM looks at the energetic property of foods–the way it was grown, and the season it was grown and harvested in, all impact the energetic quality of the food. To go a step further, the way the foods are prepared has some bearing on their digestibility.

But TCM doesn’t stop there. Food is food, and some choices are clearly better than others. But even if you eat good food—the best food available—your body has to be able to digest it. It’s not what you eat, but what you can digest that’s key. If your digestive system isn’t strong, you don’t get the benefit from the food you’re eating.

Can you actually process what you’ve eaten? Processing involves your Spleen and Stomach, but several other organs must also cooperate to properly process your food and gain the energetic value from them.

If you already have cold hands and feet, are constantly bloated, or suffer from food allergies, you will likely have trouble absorbing nutrients from the foods you eat for healing a condition.  The first step toward healing is strengthening your digestive system so food can be used as a natural energy resource to support your healing efforts.

Here’s a quick tip:

The digestive system loves warmth and dislikes cold. So reduce the amount of raw foods you eat and avoid putting ice in your drinks. This small change will help the digestive system begin to function at a higher level.

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