Trees and plants depend on Nature’s goodness—sun, water, proper temperatures—in order to reach their potential. Animals live in Nature, feed off the land, make homes from the materials they find in their environment, and either live solitary lives or work in groups with the ultimate goals being survival and reproduction—to carry out their species. Animals don’t need to shop for food or clothing, or pay bills, and don’t have the same social expectations that people do.

We, as humans, have a bit more polish when it comes to our living arrangements and social situations. But still, Nature provides the example. Do trees stop growing for fear that they may get too tall and snap? Do birds decide not to build a nest for their eggs because they are fearful of predators? No, of course not. Instead trees may grow shallow or deep roots depending on the water source. Trees bend to find the sunlight so they can maximize their growth potential. Trees are flexible and fearless. Robins search for a safe place to build their nests. They cushion it with leaves, pine straw, and grass. Is there a chance an eagle may swoop in and snatch their eggs? Sure. But these birds have one goal in mind—to provide for their offspring. They are flexible and fearless.

Those examples are very poignant to us today. So many people suffer from anxiety and depression. They are fearful of what has happened or what may happen. These emotions are related to the Liver, the organ associated with Spring. Changing a mindset is not easy, but letting go of the fear little-by-little will help you to become more flexible in both your thoughts and your actions.

The Tao teaches us to go with the flow and be flexible. Flexibility is associated with your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, personality and even life situations and events.  Listen to your inner voice and find out what truly makes you happy—then practice it.

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