Happy Fourth of July! Many people will attend barbecues or relax on the beach today, and then stay up late to watch colorful fireworks wake up the night sky. We often get caught up in all of the merriment and forget what this holiday is truly about—freedom. It’s the day we celebrate our nation’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence—when the United States of America became its own independent, free nation.

We are celebrating our country’s freedom today. But July 4 is also a great day to celebrate your personal freedom. What independence do you seek? Maybe it’s the freedom to control your own finances or the freedom to make your own responsible decisions. Maybe it’s the freedom from aches and pains. Or maybe it’s the freedom to drop your worries and fears and finally take steps to follow your heart’s true intentions. Whatever personal freedoms you long for, today is your day to name them.

So ask yourself: What holds me back? How can I work toward letting those things go? What steps can I take toward achieving my own independence?

As those celebratory colors flash across the sky tonight, imagine your personal independence, and then go out and achieve it.

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  1. Every message shared by TCM is thoughtful, meaningful, and wonderful. This is absolutely fabulous! You don’t think it’s speaking directly to me….do you? M u y. B I e n.


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