Using principles of modern science as well as Taoist wisdom, how can we connect more deeply to our true nature and inner wisdom by expanding our conceptualization of what consciousness is all about? Grandmaster Lu offers a fascinating take on consciousness and how all of nature has consciousness — on the macrocosmic level: the Milky Way, the sun and the moon, other celestial bodies; on the microcosmic level, our cells, DNA, Qi — and how it turns out that everything is interconnected and impacts each other other through the consciousness of the entire Universe, otherwise known as Oneness.

How can we apply this awareness of Oneness and consciousness to everyday life and health? In this webinar, Grandmaster Lu talks about how through meditation, Qigong, or even daily mindful activities, we can discover we are not alone, that we are all connected through energy or Qi, which has consciousness. All of consciousness has purpose, and all purpose is for good. In our daily lives, what is our purpose? What is our destiny? Why does disease help us uncover our destiny, our purpose in life, and help us recover our sense of Oneness, the fundamental goodness of our unique place in the loving interconnected tapestry of life?

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  1. Thanks Master Lu. I love your message always. The world needs to hear this. There is so much more to life, waiting to be discovered when we start to use our consciousness to connect with all the different spiritual energies of the universe.


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