Become a Certified Dragon’s Way Qigong® Instructor

January 12

We are exceedingly proud of the results our instructors are having when teaching Dragon’s Way Qigong. Lives are shifting, health is improving and mental sharpness is returning. If this is the kind program you’d like to teach, join us for an info session to see if Dragon’s Way Qigong could be your new path/business in 2022.

January 12 at 7:00 PM-the Zoom link is below.

Qigong is growing in popularity for its ability to calm the nerves and generate healing opportunities. But Qigong alone is not enough to sustain long-term healing. Why? Everything is Qi and Qi is in everything. Qi must flow to enjoy good health.

Qi  flow can be affected by your emotions, your choice of food, your job and relationships, and even by your thinking. Qi is your secret ingredient to good health!

Dragon’s Way Qigong is a full system of healing developed by Tai Master Xu and Grand Master Lu that includes Qigong practices, an eating for healing plan, and a roadmap to understand the body’s signs and signals of imbalances.

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